Sunday, March 26, 2006

Site meter

I just put a site meter on the blog.

Oh dear, this is addictive. Must. Control. Urge. To. Check. Every. Five. Minutes.

One poor soul found me through a search for "Book cover with young bedouin."

Disappointed much?

Here are some I could think of:

Black Tents: My life Among the Bedouins by Carl Raswan

My Quest of the Arab Horse by Homer Davenport (The grammar in that title always bothers me.)

The Sheik's Bartered Bride by Lucy Monroe, courtesy of Bam

Not doing much on posting pictures. Blogger hates me and is trying to tell me ever so subtly that I really should finish cleaning the house. (It's almost ALL THE WAY clean, on both floors. My God, how did that happen? I guess it happened when I wasn't online checking Statcounter. Oh yeah.)


Doug Hoffman said...

Be careful what you wish for. Today, someone found me using autocunnilingus as a search term.

Suisan said...

Oooo, BABY! Do you have some interesting readers.

(And they found you, how? Were you giving tips? Fantasizing? Hmmm.)

Kristie (J) said...

OK - I looked at my statcounter. How do you tell what a person was looking up when they found your blog? I couldn't see anything like that when I looked.

Suisan said...

Kristie, after you log in, you first get a graph whihc shows how many hits, etc.

On the left hand side there's a whole list of different ways to see your data. You can look at "keywords" (That's the search someone typed in before they got to you.) Or you can look at "Came from" (That's the webpage they were looking at before they clicked onto yours. )(Hi Avid reader! Hi Romancing the Blog! Hi Megan!)

Such a time waster.....

sybil said...

LOL well you know the stats can show they came from avid reader but it could be me, being lazy and clicking from her link to you.

So you have to look at the city too... ohhh then we are both from Texas, so you have to narrow it down to the city, since if I recall correctly we use the same service. And then you have to wonder if you could quailfy as a stalker.

Found with stat counters! I blogged a long time ago about odd things that hit my blog. I should look it up and compare it with now. hmmm of I could like get a life or something.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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