Monday, March 27, 2006

And when we're not reading

...we're glomming movies.

I was feeling kind of guilty recently about (Jeesh. There are so many options here.) not reading more. And then I started totalling the movies I've watched recently. I think I'm on a backlist glom for movies right now.

First, I'm reading a lot of Auden poetry right now--various anthologies. The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl, and Pride and Prejudice by (duh) Jane Austen.

Then I've been listening to Dev'lish Mary by Hot Club of Cowtown, Hang on Little Tomato by Pink Martini, Commoner's Crown and All Around my Hat by Steeleye Span, Basket of Light and Early Classics by Pentangle. Somehow I cannot listen to any of these albums and do anything else. Some cause me to head-bop around the house looking like a total fool, and the Pentangle/Steeley Span ones MAKE me sing along in some sort of trance. (My daughter is just about ready to throw herself under a train if she is made to hear more high-pitched-female wailing from either Maddy Prior or Jacqui MacShee. She is not amused.)

So Steeleye Span basically lives in the computer. (Beware the Moss/ Beware the Moor/ Beware of Long Lankin./ Be sure the doors are bolted well/ lest Lankin should creep in... Very Creepy.)

If I can get Steeleye Span out of my head (Let us pinch him/ Let us prick him/ We will stab him with a pin...), supposedly I would be able to accomplish some reading and make a dent in the TBR pile (There was blood all in the kitchen/ there was blood all in the hall...). Finally, wallowing in 1960's Folk rock all becomes too much and I seek out other entertainment.

Movies I have watched recently (with the notable exception of A&E's Pride and Prejudice--I finally lent it out to a friend so I would STOP WATCHING it.):

Elizabethtown Meh.
A Room with a View A guy once tried to pick me up by saying that I
looked like Helena Bonham-Carter from this movie. It worked.
The Sea Hawk Sigh. Errol.
The Adventures of Robin Hood Sigh.
Bridget Jones's Diary Forgotten how much I liked this.
Love Actually Snape is great in this one.
The Scarlet Pimpernel Wrote about this a while ago. Best Percy yet.
Howl's Moving Castle Likey!
Capote Sound mix is strange on DVD--we have to watch it with subtitles, and then I keep falling asleep on it.

I'm sure I've missed some movies in here--but the point is that I'm spending my reading time watching DVDs. (This list is really disgusting at some level--how is it that I have time to go to Board Workshops, Board meetings, correspond on email, pick up kids from school, make dinner, help with homework--ANOTHER FREAKING POSTERBOARD PROJECT!!!--and clean? Oh, yeah. I don't clean.)


Suisan said...

You've got Mail and From the Terrace were two others I forgot to add on....

Megan Frampton said...


you and I definitely have similar taste in films...I thought Love Actually was a lot of fun, I loved Bill Nighy, of course.

I am watching Derailed tonight. Heh, heh.