Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pictures to raise my spirits

Who dat?

Picture by Carol Mingst of Nikandor, Phylip, and Eldar HD checking out a farm visitor.

Picture by Carol Mingst of the stallion Cantador showing (to me) breathtaking movement.

OK, those make me feel better.

Still feeling quite bluesy about difference of opinion with Board Member. Spending much time this weekend trying to decide how obssessed to be with School Issues. (I'll remain obssessed; it's hopeless to believe I can substantially step back. The question for me is, "Is there some part you can step away from in order that minor setbacks don't send you spiralling?" Considering giving up a sub-committee appointment.)


Pat Kirby said...

Such polite horsies. My Nik would have immediately removed the ladies hat and stomped on it.

I don't have a hat that doesn't have green drool stains.

Pat Kirby said...

"lady's" I keep doing that lately. Argh.

Suisan said...

Well, they are very young boys. Maybe they were too shy to grab clothing.

We had a mare out in the mare herd who would follow visitors around and le-a-a-n her head on their shoulders should they decide to stop. drool and horse hair everywhere.

Anonymous said...

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