Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Personal ad

This lovely young gentleman, athletic and bright, is in need of a new home. I do lust after him, I'll be honest. But I don't have the room or the pocketbook for him just now. I'd love to post a picture of his golden body and flaxen mane and tail, but you'll have to go watch his video instead.

He's a Davenport Arabian. He's four, complete (not gelded), and would like a new home please. His name is Ibn Sham.

And just as I was about to post his video, I got word that he has been sold. So, tuck your wallets back into your pocketbooks and just enjoy this lovely guy. If I recall, the new owners are Endurance competitors. Eat your heart out, Frank Hopkins.

View his video here.

I love his floaty movement, although with age and a little more conditioning I'm hoping that he'll stop "flagging" his tail when he runs. (Floaty movement: hard to describe--but he looks as if he's floating in air as he trots. Flagged tail: not curved and loose but straight and upright. Foals do this and Arabians keep the habit sometimes for a lifetime. Makes them look tense.) I also love that for a four year old, he has filled out beautifully--not awkward but smooth all over. He has a number of lines to Wadduda, the famous war-mare, and his metallic chestnut color is a trademark of the Antez line in Davenports. That's not some fancy spray sheen--those chestnuts (who have a tendency to be flaxen) truly shimmer. Mmm Hmm. I think he's yummy.

And Davenports are just the sweetest boys. They'd crawl into your pocket if they could. Pretty, sweet, athletic: what more could you want?


Pat Kirby said...

My Nik has a floaty trot. Unfortunately, on his back it translates into the trot from hell. Looks pretty though.

Suisan said...

Oooo. I hate that.

I used to ride a "rangy" bay TB cross who had a ground-eating trot. At liberty he was just amazing to watch. In the saddle it was totally frustrating. His stride was So-o-o-o Lo-o-o-ong that I could never get the rhythm right--felt as if I were hovering up there for a beat and a half. And to sit it? Pogo stick.

He went to a much taller girl who had no trouble with him. Length of leg=longer post? I dunno.

Suisan said...

And I just reread this post--what I meant to say about him being four is that apparently the video was shot when he was four. (Although I have no proof of that.) He was BORN in 1996.

All this is moot, really, but when I reread it just now I kind of groaned to myself.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! here