Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

I spent all afternoon yesterday watching the A&E Colin Firth version. (Saw it years ago, but actually didn't remember much about it other than, "Ooo. I like this one.")

And then I watched (in the evening) the newest version.

Lord help me. That's all a little to much romance to bear in one 24 hour period.

I liked Keira Knightly very much as Lizzie--thought her tongue through the teeth giggle was charming.

But the pacing of the A&E was so much better. (I guess this is why we need 5 hour movies.) Mr. Darcy needs time to simmer before he becomes open and passioante. And I may just need to watch the piano scene every morning before I start my day with a full freeze frame of Colin watching Lizzie.

I don't hate the newest version, but I'm not convinced that editing the book down to a few speeches and draping the Bennets in muddy house with peeling paint and broken chairs was all that necessary.

Off to buy a bed for my son. He has jumped on it, grabbed it by the bedposts and shook it, drawn on it, and generally mishandled it so much that it will fall apart one night as he sleeps. (Now THERE'S a tale for the therapist! "I was just lying there asleep when....")


Megan Frampton said...

I just bought the new P&P. Sigh. Le pant, le heave. I wish I could've watched the Firth with you--nothing says lady porn like Colin Firth in a cravat.

Suisan said...

OK, after he's jumped in the lake, and he's rushed to the house so dres properly, he exits the house and runs down the stairs buttoning his jacket.


Constrain that wild passionate man and smooth his edges with a high collar, wrinkled cravat, and large flat buttons. Please.

Liked the new P&P very much. Just wasn't a good idea to watch it just AFTER an A&E-version marathon. SO much dialogue gets cut it seems to be the Cliff Notes version.

And next time you're on the West Coast, drop by for a Fix of Firth.

CW said...

Heh! I just watched those in reverse. :D

Kristie (J) said...

I think I'm alone in the universe on this one. I've haven't seen either one of them yet. I just don't get the whole Colin Firth thing. I saw him in Bridget Jones's and nada - no faster heartbeat - nothing. I probably will see the movie version soon - at least I plan too.

Suisan said...

Kristie--saw him in Love Actually and thought he was very fine as a repressed, passionate, but very shy man in love with a Portuguese woman who spoke no English. Wouldn't say my heart beat faster, necessarily, but his devotion to her and his discomfort was very real. (Also saw him in Bridget Jones--again, liked him very much.)

What I ddin't realize is that both of these performances are a much more open, blowsy, drop your-head-in-your-hands-when-you're-frustrated version of the A&E Darcy. Firth's Darcy there doesn't do much, except convince you by the end that he is totally devoted to Lizzie. And he does that merely by striding through London purposefully and look adoringly at Lizzie across a drawing room. Very tight performance and very memorable.

I din't get the Colin Firth thing either until this weekend. (Although the swimming in the lake scene did nothing for me. Watching his button his coat? Now that's another thing altogether.)

Suisan said...

Clearly I'm having a typing problem today. Edit where you will in the above post. Sorry.

CindyS said...

Sorry Kristie, I haven't seen the movies or ever read the book. No sex, no read ;) Although Colin Firth mreow, purrrrr.


Anonymous said...

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