Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday crazies

Every Friday is a half-day of school, which means it's very hard to get anything done, but everyone somehow schedules their errands on Fridays.

This morning at 7 am I got my children up on time with a song on the air and a smile in my heart. (Well, I actually didn't sing them awake, but I didn't make myself hoarse screaming at them either.) Eldest daughter has a dentist appointment this morning, but she needs to go to school first for attendance.

By 7:50 two children had appeared downstairs but only one was dressed. The dressed one ate breakfast; the pajama-clad one got a very dirty look and retreated back upstairs. We have to leave the house for walking by 8:00, for car by 8:20. At 7:58 the formerly pajama-clad child appeared announcing that she needs to take a practice test before she goes to school.

"Eat," growls the mother. (And yes, you can growl the word "eat" even there are no gutteral rumbling sounds. It involves gritting your teeth while putting the "eeee" sound at the back of your throat.)

Finally all kids are in car, drop elder two off (youngest has no childcare Friday mornings, lucky me), swing out of front circle to park car so that I can go back to school office to pick up dental child. Cell phone rings. It's my husband saying that the dentist called him looking for me. We're late to the appointment. (WHA?)

I just hate mornings. The panicked, rushed, I'll-never-get-ahead-of-the-curve feelings never stop, but I keep thinking that tomorrow I'll figure out how to make it work.

After the dentist visit the eldest daughter, the youngest daughter and I all went out for hot chocolate (I decided not to take her back to school. Bad Mommy.) Then we went to hair salon to offer moral support to eldest as she got about 5 inches cut off. (SHE LOVES THE NEW DO!!) (Youngest got adopted my the manicurist who painted her nails gold with little green-dot-flowers. Then youngest wanted her hair washed--Man, is she good at getting what she wants.)

Picked up son from school, got a take-out lunch.

This afternoon, eldest daughter goes to a 1 1/2 hour art class, then home again. At some point we need to go to the grocery store too. This evening, all the kids and I will go to the public library to cheer eldest (sporting a new dress and new hair) as she performs a flute solo.

By the end of the day today I will have driven all the way across town 10 times.

Fridays are crazy.


Megan Frampton said...

Oh, now I'M stressed. That sounds hectic.

Rhys has two days off next week--Thursday and Friday. No gym, no writing, no daytime naps. Woe is me. My dad is coming to visit, though. Oh, wait, woe is me again.

CindyS said...

Don't DO that to me!! I'm exhausted and I haven't left the chair!

Oh and I love, love, love your Babies post but I couldn't comment because blogger was being pissy. I'm glad you are one of those rational people who know the difference between loving your children and being in love with your children. I don't know it you remember about 6 months back a woman wrote something on the internet about how she was in love with her husband and her children were an extension of that. If one of her children died she believed that although it would be horrifying (etc.) she would make it. If her husband died however, she wouldn't make it.

I liked what she was saying and understood what it was she was saying but I think many people put so much of their life on their children that hearing this is upsetting.

Anyways, you are a brave woman to put it out there. I'm just one of *those* ones who doesn't have children so I will never understand. For me, children = work and no sleep and no Cindy week and no Bobby week and no money. Yeah.


Suisan said...

Megan: Now that it's Sunday I can calmly say, "oh, it wasn't that hectic." But while I was driving all over creation, yeah, I wasn't loving life.

Cindy: Thanks. I do think it has to do with being in love with your children. If you're in love with someone, then you can't imagine that everyone else doesn't share your bliss. And if we're blissful, then let's get that emotion into a romance novel, yes? Except for those of us who aren't in love with our children it's all very annoying.

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