Monday, July 03, 2006


Who's Shelly Laurenston, and why are members of her Yahoo group emailing each other to visit my post on Dark Lover?

Paranoia plus vampires equals whimper.

OK, shake that off. Go enter Kate's Snark Contest instead.


Angela James said...

I did that :)

We were talking about perceptions on her list. How different people percieve different things and it affects their views of books (things such as spanking, adultery, etc). I used your post on Dark Lover as an example of my point, that what works so well for one person might be viewed differently for another (such as a possessive hero). So your blog was being mentioned in a positive light.

Oh, and Shel is one of my authors at Samhain.

You should thank me for driving traffic your way ;) I'll wait here. lolol.

Suisan said...


Why, thank you, Angie, for being so considerate as to mention my humble scribblings to your colleagues. I am forever in your debt; not so much for generating traffic, which is nice, but for releasing me from the paranoia that a group of rabid vampyras were about to lunge upon my blog, ripping it to shreds.

If you have any authors over there who are thinking of writing about the circus, you can point them my way as well. I have a few opinions on that locus as well.

Thank you again, Angie.