Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dim-witted broads

OK, next time you see a cute cop, THIS is not the way to get his number. (I have to read it again, but did the dispatcher send the same guy out to arrest her the second time? Because, ouch.)


And in other news, I skimmed this book because the set-up was just to crazy to be believed.

Yep. It was unbelievable all right.

Take one tatooed pirate who wears a black mask and put him on the same ship with the young stowaway heiress whom he had been planning on kidnapping in order to force the release of his identical twin brother from the British Navy. That doesn't seem like a torturous set-up, does it?

Yeah, I know. A pirate with a tatoo across his entire back, but when he shaves his beard and enters polite London Society, the young heiress doesn't recognize him because he took off his mask. The mask he wears while SLEEPING on His Own Pirate Ship.

Oh good lord. To silly, really. But there were no parrots.


C2 said...

People don't recognize Batman, either. And they don't recognize Superman - and he doesn't even wear a mask! Like taking off glasses would change Clark Kent's looks so much...please! Hmmm. Maybe people are distracted by the cape...or something. Heh. Something.

Anyway, what I want to know is how all these sheltered young misses mange to STOW AWAY ON A SHIP?! I mean, were they not chaperoned all the time??

Suisan said...

C--the guy SLEEPS in his mask. He wears it all the time, onboard a ship crossing the freaking Atlantic ocean!!! I cannot tell you how hard I was laughing by the fourteenth time the author referred to his "scrap of black silk." Uh. yeah. I'm sure it's a scrap by now.

Oh, and it gets better. He returns to London, takes off the mask and shaves his dark scruffy beard.

No Tan Lines? Because his hands are still described as dark...

I'm picturing this guy with a white band around his temples, two dark spots over his eyes, tanned upper cheeks, and a white jaw. Blends right in. No prob.

then she marries him--not knowing he's the pirate, even after he kisses her--and he never takes his shirt off, because, hello!, big tatoo on his back.

Never has a dual identity suffered so for art. what a hoot.

Although the cover's not terrible....

Fickle Fiona said...

ROFLMAO! I was going to comment about sleeping in the mask but then I saw your comment about the tan line! There is some guy on CNN who has a bright red face and white around his eyes from his sunglasses...I can't get it out of my head now!


Kristie (J) said...

A few years ago my sisters and I were driving along and there was a watermain break. There was this cop directing traffic and good golly Miss Molly was he gorgeous!!! Needless to say, all three of us really wanted to hang around and watch them fix that watermain break. But alas, we didn't. So in a way I can see her making that call. Not that I would ever do anything so foolish - but still!
A bad pirate book??? *sigh* I suppose it's possible. Now I don't know if you've read it - you probably have since we both share a thing for the romance pirate - but if you want a good pirate book with a tatooed hero - Megan McKinney's 'Til Dawn Tames the Night doesn't get much better. Now THERE'S a good tatooed pirate.

Suisan said...

911 for a DATE?

desperate lady.

Guess I know too much about local government, but don't people know that there's a local business number for the police? Like for the dogcatcher or the DARE school program? weird.

C2 said...

See, now I have this issue of Rocky the Raccoon commanding a pirate ship...and that is SO not a mental picture I needed. :-D

I may be forced to check this book out just because of the silliness! Shame on you for doing that to me. The TBR mountain is already unstable...there could be an avalance and it will be all your fault.

C2 said...

Duh - IMAGE not issue! The scrapbooking is affecting my brain more than I thought.

Suisan said...

Well, I always knew there was something evil about scrapbooking. ;)

Anonymous said...

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