Thursday, July 20, 2006


I saw Superman last night in IMAX 3-D. The ultimate viewing experience.

I didn't hate it.

But I was not swept away.

I just don't know what to say about it.

Except to say that Cyclops really needs his own girl, in his own movie.

And Brandon Routh even sounds like Christopher Reeve. Weird. Kind of off-putting too.

It either needed More romance/realtionship stuff or More action, but somehow I walked away thinking that neither element really carried the movie.

I hate the kid. I hope he grows up to be a villain and makes Lois and Clark hate themselves for forgetting the condom. All mopey and sad and pouty with his uncombed hair drooping greasily over his pale face. Blegh.

I liked the costume (Dear Butcher hates it.)

I liked Lex.

I'm sure I'll watch the inevitable sequel.

I just feel as if I should have a stronger response, good or bad, to the movie.

When we came home last night after hours of movies and a dinner that was WAY too late and even more driving, Dear Butcher discovered that I had left the dog in the back yard. Ohhh. I'm sorry. (He's following us everywhere today, making us trip on him.)

And then, just because, and maybe this is gross, but it made me laugh. And laugh. And made Dear Butcher laugh until his deep throaty guffaws turned into tinny squeaks from the back of his nose. I'm not convinced that it's all that funny on the retelling, but jeez, I think he, at least, hurt himself there.

Late last night Dear Butcher and I fooled around in the reclining chair a little. Afterwards, we're getting into bed and I say in a congratulatory manner, "Damn, man. You gave me the hiccups."

Quickly he replies, "Well, you should have swallowed."

OK, in retrospect, I'm not even sure why that was so funny, but good lord, it killed us last night.


Bev (BB) said...

Um-hum, and what drinks were they serving at this I-Max? ;D

I think a lot of even fans, both of Superman in general and "Lois & Clark" in particular, are puzzled about this movie. On the whole, they loved watching it but one can tell from the longer discussions that there are elements that just them scratching their heads. I'm not sure if it's the unanswered questions or the portrayals that cause the most consternation, though. Maybe a combination of both.

Suisan said...

BTW--forgot to add that I was Very Happy that the screenwriters put Lois in a relationship with an attractive, kind, heroic guy. I hate when the "rebound" guy is a jerk. I genuinely like Richard.

and Bev, I guess there was something in the water?

Mailyn said...

you left the doggie in the back yard?!?! bad bad mommy! :-(

LMAO that swallow thing was hilarious. and so cute you call it "fooling around". lol

Suisan said...

mailyn, now that I'm so close to forty, I find my prude meter is getting much more sensitive. At least in the written word. Verbally, I'm a pig.

(And you can tell that my eldest daughter is away visitng friends, or this story would never have made the blog. Never. Because she likes to sneak in and read it. Growl.)

Kate R said...

okay got the fact that the dog and the hiccups weren't actually connected. . . but it took two reads. Time for bed, I think.

Kate R said...

and no hiccups for me, alas.

Suisan said...

Sorry about confusing the dog with the hiccups.

Apparently I live this week to do some sort of psychic damage to the dog.