Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Compass Controversy is Settled

OK, maybe not a controversy.

But in recent discussions (see the voluminous comments) about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, there has been some conversation about to WHOM the compass points when Elizabeth holds it in her hands.

Don't worry, this ain't a spoiler. It's in the hot dog aisle, for goodness sake.

According to the back of my daughter's Oscar Meyer Lunchable, Ham and American Cheese Stackables edition, once you fill in dots on the puzzle, the compass points to Will. (There are no dangly bits, so I'm assuming it's Will. My daughter won't let me open the box to read the answer for myself.)

Obviously, Oscar Meyer is never wrong. But, because I am Just That Contrary, I still insist on seeing a triangle. Or an Attraction, or a Plot Device.

Side Note---my scanner will NOT COOPERATE! Humph. I'll post a picture later. Fat lot of good it'll do me. Mummble, grumble, mmutter, mmph. I fought heroically with the scanner until it conceded the match. Results above.

Second side note--I'm aware that in paragraph one, the correct adjective would be numerous, not voluminous. However, I prefer the sound of vol-OOO-min-us, so I'm keeping it. Poetic expression, so sue me.

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