Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh Good Lord, It's Hot

I should have something much more witty and perspecacious to say, but no. All I've got now is that I've got to think of something to feed the kids, yet all I want to do is lie on the floor.

Been to the City Pool today, where I got some reading in. Except now my eyesight's all wonky from dehydration plus glare.

Have I mentioned I'm hot?

Edited to add--And apparently I'm unoriginal too: Megan thinks it's hot too, but she even threw in a little descriptive story while she was complaining. I'm such a hack.


Megan Frampton said...

What else is there to say? It's so amazingly hot! Scott usually doesn't like ac (the rural Jersey boy in him), but even he is succumbing.
me, I wish I lived in an icebox right now.

Mailyn said...

lol yeah it is hot. thank god I'm in doors most of the day. I feel for ya'll