Sunday, July 30, 2006

News from Abroad

Well, maybe not abroad, but at least news from the Right Coast. I've been to Manhattan, picked up my eldest daughter, and headed down South to Savannah Georgia. This morning I sadly board a plane and return to NYC to pick up youngest daughter before flying home again. (In other news, we're going to definitely use the Library a little more when we get home. I think my daughter may read faster than I do. She's been gobbling books at the rate of one or two a day. Oh, my aching wallet.) Grandma says that eldest daughter, when she visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, kept flinging her arms to the side and spinning, impersonating Maria from Sound of Music, she was so filled with glee. She told me this morning that "We never even got to see the Portraits! I have to go back!" Sure kid, if it makes you that happy, I would love to pour art all over your head until it drips from your fingertips. She's been great fun to travel with.

So far, on my trip to Savannah, I've:

Visited the Owens-Thomas house, a Regency era mansion in Historic Savannah
Explained to my daughter that when people talk about The Book in Savannah, they are not referring to the Bible.
Purchased a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for my daughter.
Lived on a Davenport horse farm for three days.
Explained to my sheltered California girl what a summer thunderstorm was.
Got rained on.
Stayed up until midnight every one of those days trading stories and laughs.
Rode a stallion, now 26, that I last saw in 1992.
Fed the stallion ice cream, which his new people-servants did not know he loves.
Helped my daughter ride him.
Rode him myself.
Giggled when he picked a fight with the younger stallions through the fence after being ridden. "I'm the King of the Castle! You're the Dirty Rascal!"
Fell in love with his children.
Had a wonderful time.


CindyS said...

Ohhh, I'm so glad you got to see one of your old-timers. It must have been a thrill.

I'm glad you told us what book the Savannah people were talking about because for a minute I wasn't sure!

It sounds like your daughter had a blast! Do you not get thunderstorms out in CA?


Mailyn said...

awww, you got to see the horsies!!! did you take any pics? I wanna see them!