Saturday, July 08, 2006

I have seen it!

Last night Dear Butcher took me out for a fancy dinner and then we (YES!) saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. What a nice anniversary!

I'm not sure of everything which happened on screen, because we were sitting two rows from the front, in what seemed to be the Middle School section of the theatre. But I know I enjoyed it. Arrr!

It's definitely the second in a trilogy--lots of sequel building and foreshadowing--and I thought (gasp) it was a little long. (Again, this may be because I'm old. The movie got out at 1:00am. I started fading about midnight.)

Jack was as deliciously piratical as one would expect. He and Elizabeth have a few little 'shippy conversations which are yummy. Will furrows his brows a lot and yells orders at greasy shipmates. And the Davy Jones special effects are fantastic!

Here's how I know I liked the movie--I'm still thinking about the love triangle after I left the movie. (And I'd like to go back and see it when I don't have to lie on my back to see the top of the screen.) But I'm a little troubled by Will Turner. Which makes me think that I may not like POTCIII.

At the end of POTCI, it looked as if Will, wearing his dashing hat and cape, and Elizabeth, lover of all thing piratical, would sail off into the sea together. Which would be nice.

For the second movie, they set up a love triangle, which is cool because Jack is just so fun to watch, especially when he's courting. Loved this bit, but my problem is now with Will. Is it possible to have a pirate who never commands his own ship? Is there any way to butch up Orlando Bloom? Will he ever do anything except moon after Elizabeth? How can Elizabeth end up with a partner who's done nothing but silently adore her since she was ten? Will is set up as being entirely honorable; he may break the law in the process of fulfilling some vow, but he's not sneaky or eager to plunder and profit. So how can he end up as a pirate?

OK, I'll think more on that later.

But for now, I'm turning on the TV and crawling back into bed. Late nights, no matter how enjoyable, are no fun the next morning.


sybil said...

You know I thought it was slow in parts ber really over all enjoyed it.

I didn't see a thing really between her and jack but a young woman using doing what she had to in order to save the man she loved.

And I think she was pissed that Jack tried to leave. Which really... Pirate...

I do think there was flirting but really nothing serious, at least on her part and I think jack would take her up on the offer if there was one.




hee, loved the end and want to see the next one like now. Good god I have put too much thought into this.

Kristie (J) said...

Happy anniversary!!! I'm hoping to see this one tonight.

Suisan said...

sybil--If there was nothing between her and Jack, then why all the fussing with the compass? good god. I have put way too much thought into this too. (I'm still not convinced she'll follow through.) Loved the: "Pirate." And it was slow in parts.

Kristie--Thank you. Let me know what you think!

sybil said...

You mean where the compass points to Jack on the ship when she is holding it?

Really it strikes me more as Elizabeth wants to BE Jack more than she wants to be be with jack. I think that is one reason she tries so hard to believe he is basically a good person, where as he argues she isn't as good as she wants to think.

I love it is never a question of her being weak or a girl. Will has taught her to handle a 'sword' *g* and fights along side her and even gives her direction with out a lot of 'will you be ok', 'can you do this', 'there there it will be all right' stuff. As well as she can give direction and be followed.

It is just assumed by will and jack, she can hold her own.

Will's odd look toward the end, to me, came more from being surprised she could leave him behind more than him being jealous.

I could be completely off though. I could totally see jack and elizabeth sailing off on a pirate ship at the end because she wants that life and will doesn't more than she has deep feelings for jack. Of course I SOOOO don't think that would happen cuz true lurve wins in the end.

ok I way too much thought about this movie...

Suisan said...

First, I love that both men just go about their business and don't try to do stupid male things like hold her hand when they are running. (That always pisses me off. Let. Go. I can run faster if you let go.)

Second, there's more spark between Elizabeth and Jack, so I could see them ending up together. But then I worry about Will. Why is he in three movies if he doesn't get the girl? (You can't tell me he ends up as a pirate, now that all the crew are loyal to Jack, Surprise person, and Will. Who would choose Will?)

Third, I really want Elizabeth in a sword fight (or maybe that's too Catherine Zeta-Jones in Zorro).

My prediction, and yes, I have spent way too much time thinking about this, is that Jack will court Elizabeht within an inch of his life, but that in the end he'll pretend he never did so that Elizabeth and Will can ride off together. In the meantime, someone had better figure out how to get Orlando to butch up.

I suggest having him stand with his hands on his hips, legs shoulder-width apart, toss his head back, and repeat the Errol Flynn "HA! Ha-Ha! HA!" laugh about four hundred times.

Or maybe Dread Ppirate Roberts shows up in the last reel of the last movie and takes ELizabeth off to meet Buttercup. Who knows for sure....

Suisan said...

BTW--I liked your idea that Elizabeth wants to BE Jack perhaps more than she wants to be WITH Jack.

Excellent point.

sybil said...

So when can you be here so we can go watch it again?

I am off today and tomorrow *eg*

Really I think the spark comes from Elizabeth being confident and coming into her own sexuallity (which I think is something Will's sword handling developed) and using what she has to get what she wants.

Shes goes after Jack to get Will, because as her father says there is nothing left for her there (home and home is now where Will is) and because she is a pirate at heart.

I think that will be an issue for Will because he is trying to over come that his daddy was a pirate but I think he has made peace with that at the end here. Or did until Elizabeth does what she does.

And she is so upset Jack left because she has to believe he is a basic good person because she fears if he isn't she might not be as well. Of course she then turns around and gives up Jack to save herself, and Will.

The pain and confusion on Will and Elizabeth's faces at the end is great.

My question is what is Jack to Will... is he a father figure? If so how does Elizabeth wanting to be Jack play into that?

Thank you for keeping me company *g* and really we have gotten to see her swordfight didn't we? I recall her having one in both hands and swinging them around and getting two pirates at once on the jungle island thing, or am I remembering wrong?

I need to see this again...

sybil said...

Oh yeah... Happy anniversary!!!


Suisan said...

She showed she can handle a sword, eh, handily. But when I saw the previews of the wheel thingy fight, including three swordmen, I some how assumed that one of them was Elizabeth.

Now I've got that stuck in my head. I'd like her to go head to head with at least one the male leads, or with the arch villain. Maybe soon.

Jack as father figure--well, maybe not a father figure, but certainly a mentor. He trains Will to be a pirate, or at least dashing. Elizabeth can trick Jack (did it handily in the first movie, even), Jack can trick anyone, but who has Will tricked?

Not sure Elizabeth and Will have a solid long term future there if one is able to outwit the other. Will is so honorable--I'm not sure what to do about that.

Will will break the rules or the law in order to complete a vow or an oath, but I can't see him taking off for a life of plundering and looting just because it's fun. So where does that leave Elizabeth if she hitches up with Will? Hmmm.

I think Norrington and Turner are going to join forces to deal with the East India Company, and eventually Will will become a principled leader of Port Royale, a governor or administrator or some such thing. Will needs to hook up with a tarnished doxy or some sort, someone who genuinely loves him and needs a good rehabilitation. Jack can then hie off with Elizabeth.

Oh dear, where does that leave Norrington. Can he get back into the military? I've forgotten that plot angle.

Continuing to think deeply on the subject.

(BTW--I'd liek Elizabeth and Will to get together, and I could definitely see it after the close of the first movie. Now that they've gone forward with the plotting though, I'm having more trouble believing that Elizabeth wouldn't mop the floor with Will over the long haul. Hmmm.)

sybil said...

shit I have to go but I will be back

but I just have to say... Norrington! I LOVED him in that last scene and in this movie really. HATED him in the first, well of course but he became a factor here.

or at least someone I wanted to see more of


I am just glad Jack is too BIG to die in the movie cuz otherwise I could so see him saving the day in the end and dying to save Will and Elizabeth who then ride away into the sun.

he is too big right... this is a SUMMER movie so he is save

I want more jack! Will will grow more in the last movie and be the one to save Elizabeth from her evol kidnappers. I am sure of it, cuz the boy has got to grow a pair.

Kristie (J) said...

OK - now I can join in this conversation too *G*. I honestly didn't see a triangle. I saw Elizabeth doing whatever it takes to help Will - and if that means flirting with Jack - well then - that's what it takes. I didn't see Jack as in love with her or anything - just available to her if she wants him. I think it will be interesting because I think Will is having doubts about her though the way he was tossing the knife into the table. And that scene at the end - when they're leaving the ship I thought - uh oh - she's going to the dark side. I loved what they did to her character in this one. No girly girl for her. And I loved that it was Will who taught her to sword fight. Proves he doesn't expect her to just be "the little woman." I think I'm going to have to see it again though because I found the first part rathe confusing. And the one who popped up at the end was a surprise, although thinking about he shouldn't have been. And won't it be interesting to see what kind of role he plays in the next one.
I saw Will and Bootstrap as kind of like Luke and Darth Vader in Star Wars, the third one. Luke trying to save his father and Will trying to save his. Although of course Bootstrap wasn't nearly as evil - more misguided like.
And I liked the character of Norrington much better in this one - certainly a lot less prissy wasn't he?

Suisan said...

Yay for Kristie!!

Really, no triangle at all???

Wow--I'm definitely seeing one. Interesting.

sybil said...

Since this just topped the opening day (held by star wars III) and three day opening numbers (held by superman from four years ago) we are not alone *g*.

sybil said...

Lots of spoilers and such but nifty page at wikipedia for the movie

Suisan said...

My husband just told me that he doesn't see a triangle either.

OK, I definitely have to go back and see the blessed thing again.

Can we agree there's flirtation, anyway?

And Sybil, the record-breaking is pretty cool too. (Although I could have done without the seventh graders in costume repeating back every single freaking line sitting next to us at the showing I went to. I'm thinking that a morning showing will be a little less intense. And my kids "Arrr" in camp this week. Heh heh.)

C2 said...

Ahoy mateys! And Happy (late) Anniversary!

Kristie told me to come over and talk Pirates - but I'm late for that, too. Still...I'll comment. :o)

I didn't see a least not on Elizabeth's part (although the compass thing did make me ponder for a moment). That's not to say to boys won't square off fighting for her in the next one.

What is Jack to Will? I think he is the thing that will make Will become the man he is supposed to be...a catalyst of sorts. I'm not sure how that will happen but I'll be watching next summer.

And, lay off my Orlando, please!! He is butching up nicely, I thought. ;-) He's getting some character lines and stuff...oooohhh. Pretty. What was I saying??

I didn't remember the former fiance from the first movie AT ALL, either. Or the evil representative of the East India Co. As the movie started, I was fussing at myself for not re-watching the first one recently.


Kristie (J) said...

Ah so I'm not the only one who didn't see a triangle. A couple of little sparks maybe - but not enough to make a triangle - at least I hope not. I think Will will suffer from the Big Misunderstanding though - and don't we just love those.
And I felt kind of sorry for Norrington in this one. Yea - he was a bit of a stuffed shirt in the first one (loved the scene where he was proposing and she fell off the cliff) but still - he did let them go at the end. And to end up the way he did in this one, well, I just hope he gets redemption in the next one. And he is kind of cute in a rough way in the picture I posted at my place :)

Suisan said...

C2--Welcome! Pull up a barrel and pour yourself some grog!

OK, I seriously have to get my head around this triangle/compass thing. I have the feeling that I had a feeling which I am now being very slowly talked out of believing. Remember boys and girls, I was sitting in the second goddamn row and couldn't see the whole screen. But I swear that the compass means that Elizabeth feels SOMETHING for Jack. Whether she wants to love Jack, or to be Jack, I'm not sure. But there's some pull on her part towrds Jack, and therefore away from Will. Which can't be good for Will.

And if we have to do the Big Mis, please let there be some snappy dialogue. Oh please oh please oh please.

Also, Norrigton scruffed up quite nicely. Don't sweat the evil East India guy--he was a new character for movie two.

Heya Kristie--You convinced me on the Kleypas thing. Devil in Winter was da bomb. But I'm holding out on this triangle idea until I'm thoroughly & totally convinced.

I think this means that I HAVE to go see the movie again. Purely for research purposes, you understand.

My eldest daughter flies to New York tomorrow to visit Grandma, and my two younger ones are in summer camp. Hee Hee. That means I can catch matinees (2!) this week.

OK, that WOULD be overdoing it, and would qualify as breaking from The Program, and would necessitate a visit from my sponsor. (If I see too many matinees, does that mean that Cindy confiscates the talking parrot? Oh Dear.)

CindyS said...

I was reading the comments and then realized that they may start spoiling the film so I started skimming and tada - I'm at the bottoma and all I have to say is...

You still have my freakin' parrot!!!

Because I skimmed I'll just bring up another supposed long triangle - Luke, Leia and Han Solo - super gross that L&L turned out to be siblings but I'd argue that in the first movie it was supposed to be L&L but the second had her fall for the scoundrel - mrreow.

I love Han Solo and never saw what others did in Luke.

I haven't seen P II yet but I figure if it has an open ending then I'm better off waiting till the next is released because you guys might *think* you're obsessing but there was never an obsession like mine over HS and L at the end of SW II.

Three years people!


Beth said...

Gads, you're all thinking about this an awful lot.

I didn't see no triangle neither. I did see the compass and the attraction, but hello? Girl got robbed of her wedding night, the boyfriend is MIA, and Jack is wildly attractive. It's just hormones. I think she totally loves Will, but wouldn't mind boffing Jack (who wouldn't?) and that's all there is to it.

And ps: I see I'm in a minority in that I HATED Elizabeth in this movie. Oh well. I also didn't like the movie itself all that much. It does make me wanna re-watch the first one, though.

Bev (BB) said...

About th triangle, didn't really see it. What I saw was Elizabeth definitely enjoying flirting with Jack, trying to out manipulate him at his own game and sad when she thinks a friend is dead - not to mention she more or less killed him herself - but I still think she's in love with Will.

Also, people, remember you are romance readers and consider how much time her and Will have actually spent together in either movie. Hopefully that will be corrected in the next and they can ride off into the sunset together. Of course, if they do decide to do more sequels this could get really complicated. ;p

Oh, and am I the only one who believes Jack wasn't simply running away from the ship but had a noble purpose - well, as noble as he gets - namely to resecure the heart and therefore control Davy Jones, effectively elimating the threat to The Pearl? Of course, that doesn't explain why he turned around . . . well, no theory is perfect. :D

And that compass thing. Why are we assuming that it was pointing to Jack and not past him? How do we know Will wasn't in that direction, too???? Hmmm?

You know, promos can be so misleading because it never once occurred to me that one of the three fighting on the wheel was Norrington. Not sure who I thought it was going to be but still . . . that entire Norrington plotline came so out of left field it was fun to watch. Sort of like watching three little boys playing at being pirates. Hehehe.

Suisan said...

Damn, twenty-plus comments.

Go Jack, GO!

OK, I'm still thinking there's a triangle. You all have every right to disagree with me--I love talking about it, and if you all agreed, then there'd be no more conversation--but I"m still sticking to the triangular theory.

And Beth, I never liked Elizabeth much anyway. LOVED her when she set Jack's rum on fire, but she can't seem to hold on to that level of vivacity for the course of a film.

Bev, Jack ALWAYS has a noble purpose. He's not just flailing around there looting, he's been gifted with a plan for both movies so far.

Makes him that much more lovely, I think. Noble savage. Yum.

Kind of like Norrington--savagely noble, what?

Suisan said...

Cindy. Parrot?

What parrot?

Care for some rum, Love?

Megan Frampton said...

Happy anniversary. Am studiously avoiding reading all the comments because I might get to see the movie when it comes out on DVD in about two years (oh, woe is me. Somebody give me a pony. No, wait, I'm allergic).

CindyS said...

Mmmmm, rum.


CindyS (parrotless)

Suisan said...


Rum is good.

You don't want the parrot, I'm sure. It's loud, it moults, and (I was about to say that it poops, but it IS a mechanical parrot. Damn, I hate telling the truth.)

But uh, yeah, how do you take yor rum? With Fruit juice a la Mai Tai or chilled on the rocks? I've got this lovely wet bar just outside my office door.

Order UP!

Giselle said...

Sybil directed me over here to join the fray. I guess I'm in the minority but I SO saw a triangle. the whole compasss thing, the kiss that (holy cow!) she obviously enjoyed way too much and yeah she may have begun the kiss thinking she was saving her man but in the end found something entirely unexpected, methinks. However, I also thought she had a crush on Jack in the first movie. Anyway, glad to see I'm not the only one insanely obsessing over this movie.

sybil said...

Giselle! Glad you made it ;)

la la la I can't hear you la la there is no triangle la la la


I STILL haven't seen this again and I really must. So I can watch for the triangle of course, I do it all for you guys.

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