Wednesday, June 28, 2006

J R Ward

Suisan's standing on some street corner in a crowded city, with her hand in the air, saying, "Yup! I'm the LAST one! Yes! That's me!"

Because as of last week, I hadn't read any Brotherhood novels.

So I decided to start at the beginning and read Dark Lover last week. I'm planning reading the rest of the series, and did want to start at the beginning.

I liked it.

I kind of have a problem with Wrath and his adoration of Beth, but I liked the book. It's because of violence in my past, but I could still enjoy the book, so that's a testament to JR Ward's abilities.

Or not.

I dunno, this is hard to get my head around. I think I still HAVE the fantasy that some beefed up hunk is going to walk into my life, take control of every aspect of my life, when I sleep, where I live. He'll hold me when I'm sick, and violently protect me when I'm in danger. To top it all off, he'll demand that all his friends and brothers behave in the same referential* and protective manner.

Wrath perfectly embodies that fantasy. When Beth is out of his "sight" he becomes almost panicked. He needs to protect her as much as she needs protection. He deeply loves her and repects her, and he would hurt himself to be with her. (I'm thinking of the marriage scene.) (Did anyone else see the "Mary Sue" reference in the marriage scene? When she wishes her name were Mary or Sue rather than Elizabeth? Heh. heh.)

Except, as a reader, I find myself getting pulled out of the story as I try to warn Beth off this relationship. Being valued as a possession, a possession which needs to be protected with violence, is a dangerous role. First the guy puts you on a pedestal and tries to recraft the world so that it serves only the perfect woman. (Part A is very nice!) Then he starts becoming angry at the perfect woman for not maintaining her perfection, or for tempting the world, or his friends into stepping out of their preordained roles. (Part B is not so nice.)

Everytime Wrath warned one of the Brotherhood to stay away from Beth I really got gooseflesh. I don't like getting involved with a hero who scares me.

Yet, I did.

Because I liked the book.

*edited to add: I made a goofy goof which made me laugh this morning when I reread this. Not referential!! (He refers to her all the time) I meant reverential (as in he treats her with reverence or he reveres her.) I have to laugh though at the idea of a referential hero!


Marg said...

Someone yesterday had a "I must be the last person in the world to read this author" post, and I was able to say to them the same thing I am going to say to you!!! I haven't read any of these books either!!

Twice in two days. Need to hang my head in shame!

Fickle Fiona said...

Marg! We need to band together! Another sister has been lost in the sea of JR Ward!




Suisan said...

Well, she said defensively, I'm not sure I'm lost in the sea. I think I just rented a small pleasure boat for a cruise around the cove. Impressed by her skills, yes. Swept away? No.

Besides, there are SO many other authors I've never read: JKH, Nora Roberts, Eloise James, MJD, Stephanie Laurens...Jeez, the list just goes on and on.

Bev (BB) said...

Hey, I haven't read Ward yet either. At least, I don't believe I have. Doesn't she have another AKA? I might need to check that one to be sure.

I think I'm just vampired out. Seriously, vampired out. I even tried to reread one of Feehan's a while back and skimmed most of it just to refresh my memory on a couple of points. I'm not even in the mood to reread the funny ones. So, just a mention of a vampire by a new-to-me author makes me cringe and become slightly paranoid.

Whatever happened to plain old magic? ;p