Monday, June 26, 2006

New at the Movies

Does it bother anyone else that in the new movie Flicka, a perfectly neat boy and his scruffy pony story is revamped so that it's a hot young teenage girl, complete with a hunky six-packalicious love interest, cavorting with a sleek black mustang?

Aren't there already lot of girl plus stallion-like horse stories?

Other than The Black Stallion series (which I have a teeny problem with, more on that later), there aren't that many boy and his horse stories other than My Friend Flicka. Misty of Chincoteague has a boy AND a girl, so I guess it halfway qualifies. OH, wait! White Stallion of Lipizza and King of the Wind have male leads.

But really, can't we let young boys have some stories about horses to themselves? Must the girl always horn in?

Here's the trailer, if you're interested. But it bothered me when I saw it the other day. Because there ARE boys who like horses, and the girls who do already have tons of movies and books they can go to for their fantasies. Humph.


CW said...

I must have missed those girl-horse books! I swear everything I read as a kid had boy-lurves-horse (Black Stallion, KOTW, etc). I feel so deprived now...heh.

meljean brook said...

The Red, kind of.

Walt Morey had a (couple?) of horse/boy stories. At least one, I know for sure: Runaway Stallion. I *think* also Year of the Black Pony.

The Golden Stallion series by Rutherford Montgomery -- some of the time, he (the Golden Stallion) was riderless and free...but I think that was a boy as well.

Suisan said...

CW--you MISSED the girl and her horse stories? Wow. I'm impressed. You must have been trying fairly hard. There's everything every written by Dorothy Lyons, and most of Marguerite Henry, and then all the newer "Pony Club" books (which suck, BTW).

Meljean--not sure the Red Pony counts, although I guess, yeah, it does. Never read any Walt Morey. Hmmm.