Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'mmm Outa here!!

No, I'm not off of Blogger, don't panic.

But I am packing up the kids (3) and Husband (1) and driving to Disneyland tomorrow afternoon. (7, 8 hours, who's counting?)

Tomorrow morning, at about 8:30 am, PG&E is scheduled to come and shut off my power. It'll stay off until Monday afternoon. Goodie.

Turns out, the house we bought in 2002, the one we had inspected, has illegal electrical service, courtesy of the previous "Mr. Handyman" owner. My contractor pulled a permit to correct the problem, PG&E was notified, and when they came to inspect, word is, they wanted to shut us down at that time.

(Guy moved the meter and the main box instead of replacing the original box with the larger one he wanted. At that time, he exposed enough wiring before the meter, and installed enough connectors, that if I wanted to, I could bypass the meter entirely. Oh, did I mention that the meter isn't locked anyway? My electrician, when he came out to look at it--because the Living Room is shorting out, although it wouldn't short when he was visiting, of course--just stood in front the of the panel and said, "Wow." When the electrician whips out his cell phone to start taking pictures of your meter, you know something's pretty unusual.)

Got word on Wednesday that we will be without power Friday through Monday. Friday is the last day of school. I've got to pack the clothes, clean the car (You have no idea how scary THAT proposition is), get the car an oil change, and pack the car before school lets out tomorrow at 12:30.

My husband is really EXCITED to drive to Disneyland. I'm not getting it. Y chromosome?

Talk to you sometime Tuesday, assuming I survive the trip, don't get jailed for strangling a family member in the car, and have power when I get back. Smile for the camera!!

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