Thursday, June 22, 2006

Local weather

99 degrees.


We have no air conditioning.


I moved AWAY from the East Coast to get AWAY from weather like this!


Doug Hoffman said...

Good heavens. Don't you live in the Bay Area? NINETY NINE DEGREES? That's heinous!

sybil said...

no ac?

good god why not!

Suisan said...

Yes, I'm in the Bay Area, right by the water, in fact.

And we have no AC because we live right by the water where there are cooling breezes.

Tara Marie said...

Holy Cow, no AC, find a swimming pool.

CindyS said...

Cooling breezes - HA!!

We didn't have AC growing up and NO, I'm not that old - my parents were cheap. We also had no access to a pool.

So we would literally (and yes, I am using it right!) sit and not move for hours. The TV would be on and some nature documentary or dumbass movie would be on and no one cared because moving meant death.

Then I married Bob and discovered the joys of AC and then we got a pool!!

My parents bought an AC when I moved out. Think they were trying to get rid of me?

My advice - Don't Move!!


Fickle Fiona said...

My grandparents both grew up in Florida without a/c. I never had to and didn't know until college that there were parts of the US that didn't require homes having a/c. I remember going to Montana and renting a car without a/c. It threw me off my whole vacation.

Suisan said...

Growing up in a house built in 1923 in suburban Boston, we also had no AC. In fact, no one in my family had AC, although we would put the window units in the bedrooms.

The whole family had this weird Puritan disgust of AC too. It dried out the air. You couldn't smell the sweetness of summer. It was only good for sleeping. Fans were just fine--after all, they had worked for Great-grandma's day.

I expressed some of this silliness to my boyfriend from NYC one time while we were looking for an apartment. "Are you insane? I don't care about smelling summer; I just want to live through it!"

We keep telling ourselves that we don't Reeeallly need AC--it only gets hot five days out of the year. But yee-gads. On that particular day you want to tear you eyes out.

Cooler now. 80's with a breeze.