Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Head Banging

A huge and major misquote in the local newspaper this morning. Major. Big. Large headline. This will take up the rest of at least this day, if not the week.

Editor is trying to make a personal theory stick by using an arcane report in an odd way. A report I voted to approve, and have voted to approve every singly time it's come forward. I told him he was using it incorrectly to draw a strange conclusion.

He used my quote, where I tell him he's wrong, to make it look as if I'm saying that the REPORT is wrong. This morning the big black headline is that I think that the *report itself* is flawed, and that the *District* shouldn't be relying on it at all.

Thanks, dude. I appreciate that. Remind me again why I'm supposed to talk to you guys?

Now I can't get him on the phone to demand my correction or retraction. Ugh!!

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