Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Please Forward to all your friends

I have a friend who sends me every possible "Support Our Troops" emailing. The jokes, the pictures, anything which comes into her mailbox. I get about four a day from her.

Mostly I ignore them.

Yesterday I opened one entitled "Traitor!!!", mostly to see who deserved so many exclamation marks. It was a screed against Jane Fonda, ending with an exhortation to get Barbra Walters not to do a special on her as an influential woman. How she had betrayed the POW's in Vietnam, etc. Apparently it hit my very last nerve, so I sent a note to my friend, and looking back in the forward list, I found another friend who had sent it on to her, so I cced her.

Basically I said, please stop. Please don't send me any more political stuff, no more "support our troops" messages; stay my friend and send me pictures of your kids, but no more of this. Please.

So this morning they both write back with, "Well, all you had to do was ask, and we would have stopped some time ago." (Didn't I just ask you now?)

Individually they both closed their message to me with, "I usually never forward these, but I had thought you would be interested. If you're not interested, then I won't forward."

If you don't forward, then why are you showing up on the email as forwarding to each other and why do I get four of these a day? Ugh.

And know I'm feeling like I have to go play nice with them because at least one of them has gotten her feelings hurt (she didn't send me the one in question--just sent it on to her friend).


CindyS said...

I forward next to nothing. The odd thing that makes me laugh I'll forward to my friends who are not easily offended but I get real pissed about e-mails that say you MUST forward this to everyone you know. Uh, no. If I do forward something that has that phrase I delete it out of the forward.

The other thing that would make my life easier is if people would just double check Snopes.com before sending out blanket warnings.

I also get those e-mails that say forward this to me also - in those cases I only forward it to the person that sent it to me so they can feel the love. Hey, whatever floats your boat ;)

Now if only I could find a way to stop the spammers without losing half my e-mail into another folder that I would still have to look through. So I still see the spam the fuckers.


Suisan said...

It's the whole "I never forward, but I forwarded this to you" thing which made me tip my head to the side.

Because I forward from time to time. But not nearly this much.