Sunday, February 11, 2007

I just needed to remind myself who usually reads my blog

I went looking in my sitemeter to see if I had hit "the Google" yet on this whole ridiculous ultrasound thing, and just laughed out loud.

The Danes and the Germans still love me, although they are ever disappointed I fear when they click on my blog. They want to find pictures, I think of a certain sexual practice, but no. Instead they find only Doug and me trading friendly insults. Sigh. I am so very juvenile. (I'm going to be FORTY this year. Yeeps.) Behold the power of Teh Internets. The persistence of the searchers. The examples of sheer timewasting that such Hit Counter exercises expose. My readers, I give you my most recent hits from Google searches:

Debbie's Petland (Massachusetts)
Autocunnilingus (Germany)
Review As You Desire Brockway
Autocunnilingus (Denmark)
Autocunnilingus (Britain)
Debbie's Petland (Massachusetts)
Debbie's Petland (Massachusetts)
Virginal Heroine Contemporary Romance Book List
Namusca/Arabian Mare
Namusca/Arabian Mare (Didn't find it the first time?)
Download Sneaky Special:Black

Good reminder that sometimes a tempest in a teapot is only that. Those autocunnilingus searchers are very dedicated. And folks, Debbie's Petland has branches in Braintree, Marlborough, and Saugus. OK? Apparently they have no internet presence, but I come up as number two on a search for saying that when I was five, my parents bought me a Pomeranian in the Newtonville branch. These Google searches are so accurate, don't you think?


sybil said...

I am up to about 300+ from the pRon site. You keep using such words and you could be next.

Really it makes me sad. I mean think of all those poor men (sorry doug it has to be men) clicking all happy happy joy joooy... ready for their fix.

And they get you... talking about a horse. Not even in an illegal way. You prolly make them cry.

eeeeewwwwwww or they stay cuz zorro is kinda cute. *eg*

sxKitten said...

Thanks to Doug, I too get regular hits for autocunnilingus. Perhaps we should start a web-ring.

Suisan said...

Sybil--I do have images of very frustrated European men sobbing gently while they gaze at their computer screen. I feel almost sorry for them. Kind of. But why Denmark? Why Germany? There's always a few from Denmark and Germany. What's going on there? And can't they start their own webring and leave me out of it?

SexKitten--Yeah. We need the "I've Been Tainted By Doug, And I Have The Evidence To Prove It" webring.

C2 said...

Yikes! I don't surf by for a few days and look what I miss! =:-o Ah, well...say it with me: "The world is filled with freaks." Deep slow breaths and repeat as necessary.

CindyS said...

Ahhh, that's better - words I'm familiar with ;)


Mailyn said...

Dammit, this is what I miss when I go MIA. I am 100% with you but then again I am not a "pregancy lover". I don't hate them but I just don't get that warm and fuzzy that people do over the whole pregnancy thing. Oh and I actually posted once about how ugly babies were right when they are born as opposed to months later and I also got some weirdo telling me I was wacko or something like that. Ugh.

You go girl! Fetuses are not pretty. Oh and hi and lots of hughs!

Suisan said...

C2--you didn't miss anything other than increased blood pressure. Welcome back to bloghopping--hopefully that was my one and only interaction w/the crazies.

Cindy--Now you just have to chant these familiar words as a soothing mantra. Oh, and people will look at you funny if you do.

Mailyn--But you are wacko. Anyone who doesn't automatically gush is deeply disturbed. Really. They told me so. (And newborns are ugly. Even my very own adorable children were much more engaging and attractive at three months. Which is why most TV and movies babies are big, round, fat, and *older* than your run of the mill newborn.)