Friday, February 02, 2007

Everyone say "Hi!"

I just got that email on my *personal* account which makes my heart stop. "Hi! I just found your blog!"

Uh oh. You aren't supposed to do that.

Tightening the "scrap of black silk" which is my mask and nonchalantly swishing my rapier through the air in a practice cut, I wonder to myself, "How did THAT happen? Who's next?"

The writer of the email is a good friend, and has nothing to do with local politics, but I'm left trying to remember if I've ever told her or any of my other friends in her circle about the blog. It's not like she's going to OUT me, I'm not at all concerned about that. But I am trying to figure out how she made the connection. She breeds horses, so maybe she backtracked a link? Or maybe a hit counter directed her here?

Mustering a suave demeanor, I enquire casually, "How did you find the blog?"

This Post which I wrote in November about what makes me nuts about horsie For Sale ads on the internet has been linked to on three other horse message boards. I've gotten hits from Australia, Connecticut, and now, due to the last linkage, all over the US. (Recently a total of maybe nine hits over two days--no records broken on that last linkage.)

One of those to visit was my friend. And she recognized some of the other horses I've written about. Small freaking universe. Because that last message board has NOTHING to do with this very small group of horses I dabble in. It's perhaps one of the broader discussion areas of the web.

First the Boston Globe picks me up when I'm complaining about my mother who lives in Boston, and now a breeder of Davenports finds my "Anonymous" blog while surfing the net. This is getting a bit tight, you know? I may need a new secret identity. Sigh. But Zorro loves me so.

Either that, or I'm going to have to stop writing such informative and engaging posts which by their very nature encourage others to link to them.



CindyS said...

Seriously, my heart stopped when you said you wouldn't write so much! Thank goodness you were kidding!

I'm still incognito in my little universe - Hubby knows but that's it. He didn't realize I didn't want people to know about my blog and he sometimes forgets and says 'hey, on your blog' which usually has me making the throat cutting motion to get him to stop.

If my family ever found my blog I would be hunted down like the rabid dog I am ;)


Ambar said...

Oop, wasn't *trying* to scare the daylights out of you, sorry. Had you not been so witty and engaging, I probably wouldn't have read far enough to get to the Portico pictures.

It may yet amuse you to know that by the time I figured out the writer of this fine blog had sensible opinions on Arabian horses and lived somewhere near Martinez, I had determined that you needed to meet her. Good thing you have a mirror, eh? :-)

In the fair's fair department -- Ambar's Journal. Although I use the "friends lock" feature on LJ for privacy, so the gorier stuff isn't available to the unwashed masses --

Suisan said...

Cindy, you'll Never shut me up! Ever! Ha ha! (Sorry. Started channeling some sort of romance villain there for a sec.)

Ambar, welcome. I know you didn't MEAN to, and I'm OK. I think at one point I did find your livejournal and then lost the bookmark or something. It's just so weird. There are only a few Davenport breeders and a LOT of horse-related conversations on the internet. Weird that you'd find it through that route rather than by a Google search or by my mentioning a Davenport horse by name.

Megan Frampton said...


Brilliance is recognized even in your own backyard, so to speak. Don't stop blogging! Your virtual friends would miss you!

Megan Frampton said...


Brilliance is recognized even in your own backyard, so to speak. Don't stop blogging! Your virtual friends would miss you!

C2 said...

Yikes! I'm an incognito blogger too...and I sooo don't want anyone who knows me to stumble across my blog. :o) What if I want to talk about them?!

Now I'm paranoid! Thanks a bunch. LOL