Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh Excellent

A pro-life blog picked up my blog post about ultrasound pictures.

Now the craziness will begin. Great. I certainly have the time and energy for THIS disaster.


Doug said...

oooh, snap! I think you swatted that one down rather handily. May not keep the extremists from haunting you, but on the other hand, they may think twice about pissing off an articulate woman who knows how to defend herself.

Suisan said...

Thank you, Doug.

I'm still fairly pissed though that she posted anonymously and then edited my post on her blog when she reposted it.

Quote mining is an interesting pastime.

I think I need to stay offline for the rest of the day. It's not good for me to get this angry.

Kristie (J) said...

*shaking my head* No where did you say you were pro-abortion, just that ultrasound pictures squicked you out. They don't squick me out, but I don't really see what proud mothers get so excited about. And just so those who anonymously post - and even those who post horrid questions on a blog whose author does NOT say she is pro-abortion, I had ultrasound done for both my sons and I didn't get the big thrill for them either.
*again shaking my head at the misplaced over-zealousness of some people

Kate R said...

damn that sent my blood pressure up, especially the "are you sure you're not just angry at yourself" comment.

"Oh yeah, you found me out, bitch. That's it! I'm so pissed off at myself for not comprehending my own basic beliefs. And on top of that, a blogger who's never met me, figured it all out for me. Damn! It's forehead slap time."

CindyS said...

You know, any kind of bodily fluid squicks me out. Blood, vomit etc. I guess I must be post-abortive cause that makes just as much sense.


Fickle Fiona said...

The majority of a "cause" is judged by it's members actions.

Fear tactics haven't worked well for Christianity, why would this be any different?



Sybil said...


Shouldn't look. Shouldn't look. Shouldn't look. Shouldn't look.

oh fuck it... and for what it is worth, it doesn't matter if you are pro-choice. As it would be YOUR CHOICE.

asshats. hmmm this might be fun

If it makes you feel better - well it won't but you can get a giggle... I have over 200 hits from some porn site.

sybil said...

Hey! I didn't cuss once.

Suisan said...

I should leave a great quote here, telling you all how much this annoys me, and how cool it is that NONE of you seem to think that I'm slaughtering babies in the basement because I get kind of ooglie-googlie when I look at someone else's ultrasound, but I'm not sure I have the energy to do so.

Hey. I just did. Kewl.

Devon said...

Left a comment over there. Couldn't help myself. It's just so typical, twisting another's words. And who gives a crap if you don't like looking at ultrasounds? That's your feelings and your business. What, she loves looking at fetus pictures so much that she hangs them all over her house? That's really special, but it no more makes her a good pro-lifer, than the fact that you don't like to look at such pics makes you a baby killer or some nonsense. That woman needs to get a life.

Doug said...

Suisan, if you're getting weird emails, post them, okay? They're FUN.

By the way -- is anyone "pro" abortion? Pro-choice, sure, but I don't know any pro-choice folks who would describe themselves as "pro abortion". The lifers are perverting the language for their own purposes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I just wanted to voice (type?) my support. Geez, there are some nutcases out there!

I'm not that impressed with sonagram pics, either - not even the ones from my own pregnancies. I don't have your visceral response; I just don't see the point of them. Even those newborn photos leave me feeling "meh" - I've never seen an attractive newborn. They're all squashed, red, and pissed off looking.

Oops, guess that means I've got anger problems. Must be all those abortions I never had... ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to leave a totally anonymous post. *points up*

I hate it when people do that.

- Nan S

sybil said...

There is something oh so deeply funny and ironic that she deleted my post.

it makes me giggle...

Suisan said...

Damn, Sybil. You DO ruffle feathers. I even edited out "screw" when I posted there. Did you swear and she edited? Or had it lived there for a while and she decided to cull the comments to only those who were playing nice?

uh oh. Isn't culling a "code word" for killing off the undesirable members of a litter? At some point she must have tossed a sack of kittens off a bridge. [/sarcasm]

sybil said...

I sooooooo thought it was there earlier but I don't know.

I am positive I didn't cuss. Cuz I figured that would be her excuse. Sad sad thing is... I can't member what I said.

And it had to be brilliant! hmph... nerve I tell ya. see I even delete cuss words here...

I am wondering if she didn't hit my blog, freak out about all the threesome stuff and run for the hills. And deleted me so it didn't harm others by clicking on my name.

Cuz don't cha know I left my email and blog address. Porn and Protesters I tell ya my hits are out the roof. Hope they buy a romance book out of it *g*.

Suisan said...

There's something very odd about saying that I went out of my way to post this to a public site, when I should have hidden my sicko thoughts behind a Livejournal password, and being amazed and disgusted that there are people who agree with me AND ask others to talk about threesome trends in Romance.

Because everyone on the Web is supposed to agree.

Wait. Isn't that the whole review/opinion/commentary fight all over again? That it's wrong to state an opinion which I do not agree with?