Thursday, March 01, 2007

In like a Lion, out like a Lamb

To experience what our house sounds like:

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No. You are not in a Hollywood movie (these calls are all over the place in movies--even used as jungle noises in Tarzan films). Those are the calls of various Pacific Tree Frogs. It's spring, and those boys are deafening. Normally you hear them as you drive past certain areas of town at dusk. (Actually my son's elementary school has a group of Very Loud Frogs hanging out in the boundary of one of the playing fields. You can hear them through your closed car windows as you drive past.)

Eldest daughter has (shhhhh) some of these in her room. Four now. Horus, Maat, Osiris, and Min. We're not supposed to keep them, as they are native species, but I now know of about four families which have vivariums with these guys in the house. Thing is, these puppies are LOUD!

I'm being reminded by them just now that they haven't had crickets in a while. How do I know this?

Rawk! Rawk! Rawk! RAWK-KIK!! Rawk!

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Anonymous said...

The second clip sounds like Maat :P