Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, Happy Day!

My son has left school a number of times over the past few weeks. So to prevent that, we've set up a system whereby he can call me if he's feeling stressed.

Last week the District hired on a new staff member, a Full Inclusion Specialist for the entire District. I've had meetings with her, the teacher's had meetings with her, etc. She's got a good approach and detailed plans.

Last week, my son left school again-- this time during lunch. However, he didn't go very far, just as far as the puddle in the front walkway. When I got there, he was wet up to his knees. But then the Full Inclusion Specialist showed up and directed him gently back inside the building so he could change his clothes. He (miraculously) stayed the rest of the day. Friday, we all had another meeting.

This morning, I dropped him off, reminding him that he could call me if he needed to, but that Mrs. E was there today at school, and she would be easier to get a hold of than me. "OK, Mom."

"Hey, Dude?"


"Do me a favor?"


"Call me today when you're having a great time? Just sometime today, Okay?"

"OK, Mom."

Just got the phone call: "I told you I'd call you, and I needed to tell you I'm having a GREAT DAY!"

Excellent! Yes! And it's 2:00 pm, still about 40 minutes to go. This is the worst time of the day, so if he calls me now, then it's been a pretty good experience all around today. Huuuuuuge sigh of relief.


(In here let's just put a note that the former Case Manager, Mrs.W, who was replaced on my son's file by the new Full Inclusion Specialist, is a touch annoyed. She still thinks that calling the cops on him when he was under the table was appropriate, and she succeeded in muscling her way into our Friday meeting. After she left, I left the room for a sec with my son, and apparently Dear Butcher said to the Principal and the Full Inclusion Specialist, "I'm sure Suisan will say this in a much nicer way when she gets back, but I don't want That Witch anywhere near my son. She is not to have any contact with him at all." As they're nodding, I walk back into the room and say, "We need to touch base about Mrs. W's role in our son's learning plan." At which point most in the room started chuckling. Dear Butcher had to bring me up to speed. He's blunt, but he's effective.) I'm sure this will not last forever, but what a relief to have someone on board who IS TRAINED in dealing with kids who do not "fit in" to regular classrooms. Happy dance!


CindyS said...

What a great idea to have him call you when he was having a great time! I'm so happy for him!


Megan Frampton said...

Yay, Suisan! I am so happy he had a good day. I know what that waiting for the other shoe to drop thing feels like--thank goodness you have someone who is supportive working for you in the school system.

Kate R said...

fingers crossed that you can stop holding your breath.

sybil said...

LOVE the good call... very cool

I missed the Full Inclusion Specialist coming on board but that is so great to hear.

And I am a big fan of blunt *g*. Go team dear butcher