Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend Update

Spent a little too much time doing stuff which was unecessary. Like tracking down this cutie pie picture from hunt in Virginia. Such a Peanut!

Anyway, read Anne Stuart's Black Ice and am partway through LaVyrle Spenser's Morning Glory

Black Ice. Whoa. What a book. Wow.

Will try to be more articulate later.

Also read Chistina Dodd's Move Heaven and Earth. Quite nice.

Edited to Add: Finished Kiss an Angel. She got a lot of the lingo right, but true to the circus? Eh. Not so much. Kind of like reading about a sixth grade girl and thinking, "That would never happen in MY school." She had these hangups about being accepted. Who accepts you in a circus? You show up, you work, you get drunk, you go to bed. Not necessarily in that order. And he's got another profession on the side and they accept HIM? No freaking way. Uh unh. Nope. I think I'll end up writing about that one though--she almost got it and I want to figure out where it clicked and where it slipped. (Except that I could have totally doen without the threatening hero and the plot set-up. She couldn't just be down on her luck and joined a circus to escape an identity? That's what everyone else does--why a forced marriage? AGHHHH!) End of edit.

Jehosiphat? Did I read all that in one weekend? Gulp.

Here's a few more to take you out...."Mommy? Can I have one? Pleeeeese?!"


CindyS said...

Black Ice. Whoa. What a book. Wow.

In the name of all that is holy!!! Are you trying to kill me?! Are you an Anne Stuart fangirl now or are terrified of a person who would love such a book? I just gotta know!! On that note, I believe I will dig that book out and re-read. Ah, sweet bliss ;)

I have never seen a sportpony before. What beautiful markings and just by the look on his/her face, he/she knows they are all that ;)


Suisan said...

Black Ice: loved it.

sportpony--he's a stallion. Follow the link in the post to see pics of him jumping fences about as high as he is.

And I want him. Soooo Cuuuute! Daht face! cuddleywumpums!

Megan Frampton said...

Wait...are you being gooey? Wow! Glad you liked Black Ice, and will someone be giving you a pony this holiday season? Beats a pair of socks.

Suisan said...

I gush over ponies.

They are soooo cute. (Although I'm knowledgable enough to look sideways at the prospect of taking care of a pony stallion. They have no concept of their relative size, and this one can jump fences taller than he is.)

And I'm afraid that no one will be giving me a pony. But I reserve the right to find adorable pictures of them and think wistfully of having a backyard full of them. (Isn't the trooper in the top photo great? That little girl's legs are shorter than her saddle.)

Kristie said...

So I couldn't quite figure it out. Did KAA get any better for you? *grin*
And Morning Glory is one of thee best books I've ever read. I just adored Will Parker. I'd love to know what you think of it when you're done.
And yes - Black Ice is an awesome book!! Wow going from the hero of BI to the hero of MG - You're really running the gamet :)

CindyS said...

Black Ice: loved it.


As to the first picture, I absolutely love it. It's weird to see a child ride so securely while I get tossed about like a bail of hay.

I dreamed of owning horses once and Bob was all onboard. Then we got the dogs. I've decided I can't handle a horse because I have seen the poop and the vomit from a dog. Also, my dogs have been known to knock me flat on my ass. I figure I don't need a horse kicking it!