Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go away

Someday soon the rain will stop.

Gotta love sunny California--rain, mudslides, landslides. Mmmm Hmmm.

When it really starts pouring like this, we also have problems with "vermin" coming into the house to stay dry and warm. (Hey! It's MY house, you guys!) So far, no ants, but last night husband saw a mouse skitter across the bedroom floor.

So that means sweeping, vacuuming, clearing out the pantry, caulking one more time around the furnace vents where they usually squeeeeeze in, and setting traps.

On the other hand, the house isn't threatened by mudslides, so I guess I can deal with one confused mouse.

Edited to add: It's only ONE mouse, right?


Megan Frampton said...

I'm not so sure mice are loners--good luck with the creature problem. I have friends who just spent Xmas out in SF, it rained eight out of ten days. Poor guys. How was your holiday?

Suisan said...

I always figure that if you see one, then there's five more in the walls waiting to see if "Crazy Harry," the daredevil member of the clan, is gong to get noticed. But I'm still HOPING it's only one.

It's raining, raining, raining. Ugh.

My holiday? Meh. I liked giving the kids toys, and I liked baking cookies, but overall I was down in the dumps. Some anxiety I think, and also very much missing my aunt and my grandmother this holiday. I used to sneer at holiday-induced-sadness: now I'm getting my comeupance.

But now that we're approaching the New Year, I'm shaking off the blues.

Douglas Hoffman said...

It's pouring up here, too. We have a major leak downstairs. Had the guys come out to check and they couldn't caulk the leaks -- too wet! What a pisser.

No vermin, yet. No unwelcome vermin, I should say.

Suisan said...

well, yes. I did put "vermin" in quotes. If we all wanted to grow dandelions, then we'd all have green thumbs.

Depends on what your definition of "Vermin" is too. (Personally, I love pet mice. I don't really enjoy them scurryin across my floor though.)

CindyS said...

Wow, it must be raining everywhere! It started to rain and get foggy two days before Christmas and it has been like that ever since. The weather people thought we were going to have a white Christmas and I was sold because we were nailed but that bloody rain melted it all away. This is in Southern Ontario Canada. I really just wanted snow ;)

We found a mouse in the house there in the summer but we think it ran in through an open door because we never found any others. Maybe this is what happened to you also.


ReneeW said...

Er, one? Probably not. I discovered a mouse one night. Set the trap the next, and thought that was it. Set it again the next few nights and caught 3 more. Bob crawled under the house and found their nest in the crawl space.

I'm sick of the rain too. We've had more than our usual share (for rainy Seattle area).

Suisan said...

We set traps and I cleaned the bedroom floor. (Note to self: PUT AWAY the folded clothes next time instead of leaving them on the floor. mouse poops = new laundry = ewwww)

Husband caulked around the furnace again and *knock wood* we haven't seen/heard any signs of rodents.

But we danced this dance last year--expect more updates because I can't quite believe it was THAT easy.