Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas, eh, Holiday Thoughts

Who's brilliant idea was it to put Hanukkah on Christmas night? People? Get a plan here.

So after rummaging through the stockings and opening presents, after the inevitable let-down of the afternoon, we're supposed to start right into 8 days of Hanukkah? Gah!

My husband still remembers the Hanukkah he was 10 as the worst one. His parents gave him socks as gifts. (Well, they were small--there is a tradition of small gifts for Hanukkah--but I think their utilitarian aspect was a bit much for him.) I'm remembering the story badly--it's too early in the morning--but I think there was one big gift and the folks supplemented with socks. The thing is, Hubby only remembers the horror of the socks.

A cool site with lots of make it at home ideas for funky menorahs.


Kate R said...

my father made a menorah out of wood for my grandmother (his mother-in-law) and it tended to fall over. Made for some exciting Hannukahs I hear.

"Baruch aton ahhhHHHHH!!"

Suisan said...


Have you noticed that the candles in these potatoes are l-e-e-aning a little strangely?

blessings--my husband used to make me search out the boxes with the blessings written on the side--he couldn't remember them year to year. Praises to the internet where I can goodle the blessings every year instead.

But I love the idea of a flammable menorah. Vibrant and memorable holiday!

Douglas Hoffman said...

Leave it to my family to generate sturm und drang from a joyful holiday. Typically, my mother would give me all the best presents well ahead of time, and them my father would yell at her about it. Then I'd end up getting nothing but clothes for Hannukah while my brother and sister got real presents.

Suisan, I've finally blogrolled you ;o)

Megan Frampton said...

The horror of the socks. I love that image. I've never celebrated Hanukkah, not even when I dated a Jew for six years (at least four years too long), so I've got nothing here. Except for when the bf and I went to Hymie's Deli in Cambridge on Dec. 25 and ordered ham and cheese.
Talk about man's inhumanity to man...