Saturday, December 31, 2005

Reviewing books

Is it possible to feel sorry for a book who's only reviews online are by Harriet Klausner?

Just started reading a book with an excellent first chapter and tried to hedge my bets by trying to find reviews of it. Does it live up to the first chapter? Does the writing die off?

So I guess I'll have to suck it up, throw away my internet crutch and actually read the darn thing my self.

Interesting that I didn't know that I had gotten into the habit of reading reviews of a book I'm reading. Don't do it for all books--does it mean that the book didn't hold my attention as much as I though it did?

Happy New Year!!


sybil said...

I think I am worse... I have put back books that I didn't know much about but quoted her reviews on the first few pages.

If that is the best they could come up with to quote...

Which is completely unfair of me. I know this but what do you do.

Douglas Hoffman said...

So, what's the book?

I'm reading PBW's first StarDoc book right now . . . that, and Terry Pratchett's latest. I picked up an old Arthur C. Clarke book in the library yesterday -- Against the Fall of Night -- and, oh boy, that book does not hold up to my childhood memory of it. And some people call Clarke the "greatest science fiction writer ever". Yeah, right.

Happy New Year, Suisan!

Angela James said...

I also want to know what the book is! You can't make a post like this and not tell.

And yes, Harriet Klausner's reviews are worthless, given the fact that she's notorious for giving glowing reviews to everyone as well as getting details grossly wrong while doing so. Yet publishers keep sending her books?

Kristie (J) said...

That was my question too *grin* What's the book? Maybe someone has read it besides Harriet and can tell you what an excellent choice you made

Alyssa said...

I have yet to run into a reader who actually finds Harriet Klausner's reviews helpful. There may be one out there, but most people I talk to feel the same way most of us seem to.

Suisan said...

I'm really enjoying this book--which is why I feel kind of bad that only Harriet Klausner seems to have reviewed it ON THE WEB.

The book, thank god, does not quote her.

The book is Killing Neptune's Daughter, and here's a link:

Killing Neptune's Daughter by Randall Peffer

Wherein you'll notice that there actually is one other review--but I'm just saying, I feel kind of bad for the book to only have two reviews, and none other that I could find on the web.

A novel about a murder told from the point of view of a member of a teenage group od buddies, now all grown up, who is the most likely of all of them to have killed the girl they all were infatuated with. Set in Woods Hole, MA.

Suisan said...

OK that last sentence seriously needed an editor to come rescue it. Sorry.

CindyS said...

Happy New Year Suisan,

I'm opposite to you, I will read a book and then go and read the reviews to see if what I thought was wrong had come up for others.

I think I did read some of Liz Carlyle's reviews to try and figure out which book to read first but then Megan and Rosario stepped up and chose for me. Good pick by them.

Sorry, but I haven't heard about the book you are reading.


Karen Scott said...

I do the same as you Cindy, I'll read a book, then I'll go look for a review that agrees with my assessment of the book. I usually do this when a book sucks mothballs.

As for Happy Harriet, I think a book with only her review, loses quite a bit of credibility.

Megan Frampton said...

you know, it does put things in perspective--someone did a slightly dissing review of my book on Amazon, but I did have other reviews there, and none by Harriet, thank goodness.
Yeah, I'd think it was lame just to have hers.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »