Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Does this book get better?

No, really. I got to page 17, turned to my husband and said, "I have never hated a book so much in such a short amount of time."

Presently I'm at page 24. It's sitting on the kitchen table daring me to pick it up. And I found myself actually sneering at it this morning as I poured coffee into my mug.

I actually want to read about the circus in this romance but I cannot stand either the heroine or the hero, or the plot device which throws them together. This makes it hard to read. Sigh.

In other news: Blogger is finally letting me onto my own blog. I kept getting an "access denied" error--essentially that I didn't have the requisite authority to visit my own blog. (You know life is bad when you Google the exact name of your blog, click on the link, and Blogger STILL won't let you on the page....) And along this same line, I finally installed a new printer the other day. Funny, I opened the box, followed the installation instructions, and the computer wouldn't talk to the printer. It "knew" that new hardware was installed, but it couldn't find the driver--which I was sure I had installed a number of times from the handy dandy CD which came with the printer. I just find it so amusing when the installation instructions don't work. So I went to the Control Panel, selected Add New Hardware, inserted the CD one more time, and this time the computer downloaded about 15 minutes worth of software. Wha???

OK, but it works, and the internet is allowing me access to my own blog. Count your blessings. Count your blessings.


P.Devi said...

IMHO, KISS AN ANGEL is the worst of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' oeuvre. I remember finding the hero a jerk and remember many others felt the same way. If you're looking for validation for never reading the book, here it is from one reader!

Suisan said...

Hey p.devi, thanks for commenting!

Yeah, Maili (or was it Meljean?)told me that it's also known as Kiss an Asshole.

I've read a little further, but so far I find the heroine's deep seated fear that she is going to be whipped with a freaking bullwhip during sex a bit annoying. Are there people out there who seriously think that *bullwhips* are used? Pul-eeeese.

So far it seems to me as if SEP has downloaded a list of circus lingo and is throwing it about with great abandon. I'm still not feeling the circus itself though. Slogging along.....

CindyS said...

I remember not liking either of the characters in the beginning either. The heroine, however, seems to grow into a sense of herself. Then again, I read this book years ago and even though I have a thing about asshole heroes, there was the restaurant scene that had me foaming at the mouth.

I think I may have it on the keeper pile because of the grovel and yeah, you'll have to read it to see what I mean. Hmm, maybe I should re-read the end to make sure there was a grovel now that I've said that.


meljean brook said...

Must have been Màili -- I've only read one SEP (about a football player and a professor who wanted to get pregnant?) and haven't read any since. I think I threw it. A couple of times.

I think she might be one of those authors whom people either really love, or not. I'm a not (sadly, also a 'not' in 'hot or not' *sob*).

ReneeW said...

I agree with Cindy on this. It's been a long time since I read it but I think there is a good grovel scene at the end. The asshole hero was so mean to her and the grovel only partly made up for it but I think I liked it overall. Not SEP's best.