Thursday, December 08, 2005

Just for Cindy (Neener Neener Neener!)

I have a thing for farm names. Broad Hill Farms. Upland Farm.

It's a very poetic enterprise to sit around thinking up names for a farm. When I was a little girl, my Breyer horses all lived at Sky Meadow Farm (which really is an embarrassingly little girl name). I had a riding instructor once who said you could always tell the horses owned by kids--they all had names like Snowflake, Pudding, or Hershey's Kiss. Sky Meadow Farm has that over the top feeling to it. {But my horses were named good strong names--Rustem (Persian Hero), Onyx, Fairfield, and Sea Foam.}(Alright, that one blows, I admit. And she wasn't even green....)

I think I'd get too silly if I had to name a house. The English tradition of naming a house, Manderley, or some such thing, can get really dumb really fast. I think I'd default to Lilac Hill, or something Nancy Drewish.

Here's some other farm names I like: Minglewood Farms, Firehouse Farm, Evergreen Farm. And here's one which Cindy might like: a little dairy farm in New Brunswick called Sow Cow Farms, Inc. No, really!

(Not to be confused with a Salchow or any such thing.)


CindyS said...

Thanks for playing with me Suisan. I left the comment over at my place. Duh. So you'll have to check it out there ;)

You were the only one to try, good thing I don't have a fragile ego or anything or I'd suggest I don't feel the love *sniff* Teehee ;)

CindyS (gonna look around up here in Canada and see if there are any Sow Cow farms) The things that get me excited.

Kate R said...

around the DC area (esp MD) any time you saw a sign with a farm name, you knew it was actually a development named after whatever it was they destroyed to put up the houses.

I swear, that place grows so fast it's like a the fungus in our refrigerator.