Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The New York Times

I live in California, but my mother gets me a daily subscription to the New York Times. (My parents are completely addicted to this paper. Stories abound of them spending $5 and up for a two week old version when they travel.)

Somehow I don't have the same amount of time to absorb the paper as they do, but if they call about an article on page B24, I at least know which article to read before we continue the conversation.

Since Sunday my paper carrier has been tossing various newspapers on my driveway--a different one every day, and none of them the New York Times.

Um. Excuse me? Can I have my paper please?

[Called the 1800 NY-TIMES number and they said they would send out an email requesting that I get my proper paper. I have every faith in the NY Times customer ervice dep't, none in the local distributor/delivery service.]

May be this is a new holiday program, "Get to know your neighbor!" Everyone stands outside in their bathrobe auctioning off the paper that is not theirs. We all meet and greet until the correct newspaper finds its way home. Or maybe the delivery person is stupidly lazy and just chucks whatever paper is at the top of the pile out her window.


ReneeW said...

Those newspaper delivery people piss me off. I'm having a running battle about my Sunday paper. They throw it in the driveway every time (so I run over it before I get a chance to read it) even though I call repeatedly to have them leave it on the porch and barring that, leave it on the sidewalk. That lasts a couple weeks then they are back to leaving it in the driveway. grrrr. Then I get the bill and they have a space for leaving a tip! Hell no, I won't! I figure they leave it in the driveway just because I don't tip them. Sorry for the rant. I got better service when it was the neighborhood kids.

I love the NY Times for the editorials alone. I have been reading them online but now they have this ripoff (TimesSelect) where you have to pay to read the editorials. Damn. But I'm too cheap to subscribe so to heck with them.

Megan Frampton said...

We get the weekend edition--not enough time during the week, plus so pricy!

But my neighbor when I was in high school used to deliver papers, only he routinely overslept, so we came up with his tagline: "Today's News Tomorrow!"

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