Thursday, August 17, 2006

OK, the compass thing makes me crazy

Where does the compass point?

Where, oh, where?

I blogged on this when I first saw THE MOVIE, and mentioned that the compass pointed to Jack, which demonstrated that there was a love triangle. But, ho! some commentators mentioned that the compass did not point to Jack at all.

I just came back from seeing THE MOVIE again.

I am resolute.

I am clear on this point.

When held in Elizabeth's hand while unboard the Black Pearl, the compass points at Jack. There's even an extra shot of her looking at the compass and then turning her head to look at Jack to make it absolutely clear.

You may disagree if you wish, since that generates long discussions and many htis, thereby fulfilling my desire to be popular, insightful, and "courant". Or you may simply agree with me that the love triangle between Elizabeth, Will, and Jack is a touch flawed since Will is forever being knocked over the head or tricked into compliance with someone else's greater scheme.

In other news, I have tried repeatedly to finish Anne Stuart's the Prince of Magic. It ain't happening--I don't know why. But I did read both His Majesty's Dragon and The Jade Throne, by Naomi Novik. Liked both of them very much. Received Lady Anne's Dangerous Man in the mail--looking forward to readng that very much.

PS--footnote from Dear Butcher. He says that I'm only having trouble with the Love triangle because I'm not eighteen. If I were eighteen then I would be attracted to Will, and I wouldn't have a beef with him always standing on the deck looking as if her were just about to have a brilliant idea. Could be.


CindyS said...

Awww, I'm sorry that the Stuart book isn't working for you. Is that the one where the hero is Simon - I *heart* that one.

I didn't read your post too deeply when I realized you were talking about a movie I am waiting for on DVD!!!

Spoilers people!!! ;)


jmc said...

I read a comment somewhere in blogland in which a poster thought that the compass pointing to Jack wasn't because Elizabeth wanted Jack personally (although she clearly finds him intriguing) but because she wants to BE Jack -- remember, in the first movie, she was the one singing "Yo ho ho, it's a pirates life for me!"

Bev (BB) said...

Man, Suisan, I do believe you're more obsessed with pirates than I am with Superman. ;p

About the compass thing, it could probably go either way, I guess. How's that for a compromise? :D

C2 said...

Maybe the compass IS pointing to Jack and he and Elizabeth will get together...thereby leaving Orland...(ahem)...Will to sail off into the sunset looking for me! :-D I like it!!

ag said...

not a bad fantasy to indulge in, C2.

jmc, hmmm, there's some truth in your pov. She does behave a little more pirate-like then Will.

Suisan said...

JMC, Sybil said it here, right on this blog.

C2, not at all a bad fantasy. You need to know, I wouldn't send him home if he turned up on my doorstep, not in the least, I'm just having quite a bit of difficulty seeing him as a pirate hero. (Which causes me to dream up all sorts of intriguing scenarios for his future--none of which I think will make the third movie.)

Watched The Sea Hawk, starring Errol Flynn last night. There, all better.

And Bev, I'm pirate obsessed. I am. No, really, I think it's a disease eating away at my brain.

sybil said...

She did! She is the smartest.

hee I still think that she wants to be jack not have jack be in her. But I still need to see the movie again.

C2 said...

Hey, Will's still young...maybe getting dumped would help him find his inner pirate! LOL

Kristie (J) said...

All right - now that you've stirred this up again *g* I'll watch the first movie tonight on DVD and then go see the second one again. *long drawn out sigh* see what I'm willing to do for you?

Kristie (J) said...

I posted pretty much the same thing at Ag's. Maybe you know the answer :)
After watching POTC last night I have a question.
At the end of the movie, Jack cuts himself and throws the coin to Will who then drops it into the chest with all the other coins. Now why is it that it's Jack's blood that ends the curse and not Will's? Always wondered about that and now I'm more curious than ever!

(and thank goodness for copy and paste!)

Bev (BB) said...

It was both of their coins AND blood that ended the curse, i.e. Will dropped his coin into the chest at the same time he dropped Jack's. The way I understood the curse, all coins had to be present and accounted for plus the last one had to be returned with the blood of the one who took it. They had returned all but Will's father's coin - until Jack sneaked another one out of the chest. So, it took both to break the curse.

Of course, then there's that dratted monkey and his fast fingers right at the end left to wonder about . . . :D

Suisan said...

Yeah, Jack isn't cursed when he enters the treasure cave, but when he sees the treasure, he steals a coin.

Then he's cursed so that he can fight as a skeleton with Barbosa. Will's not cursed, but his father's coin needs to be returned with Turner blood on it. (Which is why the curse isn't lifted when Elizabeth "Turner" returns "her" coin.)

So, Jack grabs Will's coin, still has his own in his hand, cuts his hand, and returns both to the chest.

And that sneaky monkey is problematic in Movie two. Just saying. Cause, well, I don't want to give up any more spoilers than I already have, but do we not have an enormous plot hole here?

Bev (BB) said...

Yeah, the problematic monkey. I tend to think if it did reinvoke the curse it would only be on him. Why he isn't showing signs of it though could tie in with the last scene of the second movie. So, we'll just have to wait until the third to find out.

Okay, don't believe this counts as a spoiler since it occurs fairly early in the second movie but since this does connect to the scene at the end, anyone who wants to avoid any and all potential spoilers don't read any more.

Did anyone else catch the significance of the boots in the back room of the, uh, witch's/priestess' house the first time around? I saw the boots and saw the monkey's reaction to them, knew they were important but why never clicked until the last scene. Oye. Then I felt like a dunce. ;p

Kristie (J) said...

I was going to see POTCII tonight but then I was talking to a friend who also wants to see it. But she wants to wait until it moves to the much cheaper, slightly less than new release movie theatre so I decided to wait and see it with her. It's less than half the price of the regular theatres - although at the moment curiosity is making me wish I HAD gone tonight.

And that still doesn't explain why it was Jack and not Will that cut his hand for the blood sacrifice. And I did see the final monkey scene. I'd never seen it before :)

Suisan said...

Hadn't Will already bled on the coin? I don't remember...Because didn't he try to return it while Jack and Barbosa were fighting? I simply don't remember.

And yeah, when I saw POTCII again I chuckled at the boots. Although I saw them and promptly forgot them the first time around. Dear Butcher didn't see them either time. Hmpph. Men.

ag said...

Suisan, I see you're still at it.hehehe ...
oh, I thought Jack's blood is needed too, cos he stole the Cortez gold with Will's father, Bootstrap.

So you recommend Captain Blood ay?

Nice avatar, Kristie. Am trying to create one ... when I get in the mood, haha.

Suisan said...

Both Captain Blood and Black Swan are classics in the genre, excusing the silent movies starring the elder Douglas Fairbanks.

Bev (BB) said...

I've tried and cannot seem to watch Douglas Fairbanks movies. He's just too . . . something for my tastes. My favorites are just about anything swashbuckling with Errol Flynn and Tyrone Powers for the golden age. Oh, and what's his name in later films. Er, Burt Lancaster. I think that's the one I mean. Wasn't he a gymnast originally, which makes him very, er, active on screen? Or is that Errol who was?

Suisan said...

I think both Burt and Errol were gymnasts, but I could be wrong. Burt's in a famous pirate movie too--can't think of the name. I guess IMDB would have it.

Also, Cary Grant was once a tumbler (gymnast) in a small circus/carnival, which I think contributes to the elegance of his walk when he's serious and the grace of his physical comedy when he's funny.

And I'm not really wild about silent Pirate flicks, but they are part of the genre.