Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Getting the three kids back into school is freaking expensive!

And I still have to find a rolling backpack and those little pencil bags which go inside the binder.

But they have clothes, shoes, and lots of paper and pencils. Happy dance for when SOMEONE ELSE will be taking care of them during the day is scheduled for Monday Morning.

tick, tick, tick.


Mailyn said...

Times like these I am glad I have no kids. No, wait, I'm always glad I have no kids. LOL.;-)

Have fun shopping for school!!!

Doug Hoffman said...

We homeschool, bwahaahahaahaaa!

Which reminds me . . . I have no lesson plan for the upcoming year :(

Kate R said...



We have weeks and weeks to wait. Okay, maybe two, but still.

Gah, I can't imagine homeschool, Mr. Doug.

CindyS said...

I can't believe the kids go back so soon down in the US. I didn't notice, were your kids off before the last week in June?

Our last hoooray has always been Labour Day Weekend - we would go back on the Tuesday.

I have no kids but I like when they are back in school again so I can go shopping without tripping over everyone and there are movies left at the rental store ;)


Suisan said...

We start well before Labor Day in California--it's a trend coming your way, you folks on the East Coast.

With no snow days, we get out in Early June.

Rationale is that we are trying to get secondary school Fall Exams to fall BEFORE Winter Holiday. If you have 180 school days, then you need to get about 90 in before school lets out in late December.

(Then there's Jewish Holidays, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving to cope with. In the Spring you can combine some floating holidays into a February "Ski Week".)

Also, if we start only a few days before Labor Day, parents don't bother bringing their kids back from vacation until after Labor Day. Every day a child is out of school equals lost revenue to the District. So we have to start early enough so that the parents have an incentive to actually Bring The Children To School.

Therefore, we start early, and we end early. Clear as Mud?

Suisan said...

The short point being that everyone has finally realized that kids don't study for exams over Christmas, and that teachers don't like having to simultaneously grade finals, prepare grades, and begin teaching Spring classes in the first few weeks of January.

Better to make the teachers spend Christmas and Hannukah grading papers. Bwa-ha-ha-ha.