Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sighing and Swooning

Definitely just found a new Keeper KEEPER.

Lady Anne's Dangerous Man by Jeane Westin.

(Thank you, Bev--Was it you THIS time? or Kristie?)

Great characters, great dialogue, good plot, good time period (non-Regency).

I need to write down what really worked, but before I do that, I'm off to read the blessed thing again. Hee hee. Delighted giggling ensues.


Kristie (J) said...

T'wasn't me. I have this one but it's in the TBR pile. I'll have to bump it up now in reading order :) I see she has a new one out too although I haven't picked it up (yet)

Suisan said...

Obviously, I liked it quite a bit. (Although she has an annoying tendency to keep calling the hero's "manroot" his cod. As in codpiece. But, like, ew.)