Friday, August 11, 2006


This one's Thackeray. The owner mentioned that he didn't feel really accomplished at horse names and might need help coming up with some for this horse's children.

Well, gee, Makepeace, Vanity Fair, Barry Lyndon (or just Lyndon), Rebecca, Virginian, Esmond, umm, was he joking? Yes? (I think Vanity Fair must already be in the registry, but even so, you can simply add a farm prefix to it and reuse the name.)


Jay said...

Is there an art to horse naming? I assume you wouldn't just name one Tom...

Suisan said...

Well, no. You can name one whatever you want. But to register the horse you need a unique name that has never been used before.

Arabians tend to get named pseudo-Arabic sounding bizarre names, unfortunately. And then there's the custom of taking part of the Sire's name, mashing it up with part of the Danm's name and getting a whole new mish-mash. (Dhareb bred to Antarah gives you the full siblings Dharebah and Dharanah. After a while that gets Really Annoying.)

What works in a good horse name is having it generally short, and then in some way having it be recognizable. Either recognizable on its own merits or in some way linking that horse back to its ancestors. (Horses like Rafika or Rafmirz cue you in right away that they have the important stallion Raffles in their pedigree. But then, once again, I get annoyed at the made up ones over time.)

Suisan said...

I just checked online. There are 30 horses named Vanity Fair in the Registry, along with some sort of prefix. (HCA VAnity Fair, KF Vanity Fair, etc.) (Registry includes all hores registered since 1898, I think.

However, just to prove myself wrong, there are two horses twenty years apart who are simply named Vanity Fair. Usually they don't allow for that repetition.

None named Makepeace, however.

ames said...

I love Arabians-they're so beautiful. You take nice pictures too.
The first horse I ever rode was an Arabian.

Anonymous said...

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