Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wikipedia meme

Courtesy of my enlightened friend Douglas Hoffman

Go to Wikipedia ( Type in your birth date (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.

Three Events:

1767 - Jean Chastel killed the Beast of Gévaudan.

1912 - The eight-hour work day is established in the United States. (You know, I'll take credit for this, but I'm REALLY unclear that this happened on my birthday, and I don't think it happened in 1912--although there was a big strike in 1912. May 1 seems like a more appropriate date, and 1938 is ringing a bell here for statutory enforcement.)

1978 - First appearance of the comic strip Garfield.

Two Birthdays:

1566 - King James I of England and VI of Scotland (d. 1625)
1897 - Moe Howard, American actor and comedian (d. 1975) (Yeah, as in Moe, Larry, and Shemp. In Boston we only ever saw the Shemp versions--To me Curly was the guy they brought in for the movies about Hitler.)

One Death:

I consider these one death---

1953 - Julius Rosenberg, American spy (executed) (b. 1918) Ethel Rosenberg, American spy (executed) (b. 1915) (Excuse me? She's listed as a spy too? Humph.)


Maili said...

You were born on same day as James VI? Oh, dear... :D Say, have you written any books on how to hunt and burn witches lately?

Suisan said...

no, but I have two ancestors hung as witches in Salem, MA, if it makes you feel any better.....

Pat Kirby said...

Presidents are always getting themselves inaugurated on my birthday...Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I got

1500 - Duke Ludovico Sforza conquers Milan.

1527 - Felix Manz, a leader of the Anabaptist congregation in Zürich, was executed by drowning.

1865 - Julio Garavito Armero, Colombian astronomer

1880 - Nikolay Medtner, Russian composer

1921 - Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Anonymous said...

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