Friday, April 07, 2006

Ha Ha. Very Funny

A few weeks ago I posted about how much fun it is to look up statcounter statistics. I had this conversation with Douglas Hoffman in comments:

Doug Hoffman said...
Be careful what you wish for. Today, someone found me using autocunnilingus as a search term.

Suisan said...
Oooo, BABY! Do you have some interesting readers.

(And they found you, how? Were you giving tips? Fantasizing? Hmmm.)

Yeah. So. Go on, guess the punchline.

Mmmm Hmmm. Someone visited me today using "Autocunnilingus" as a search term.

I am one classy broad. I am. And proud too.
Shit, how many pages back am I on a google search for.....Oh, never mind.

Edited to Add: I have no willpower: Doug's mention is page 6. I'm on page 11.


Doug Hoffman said...

So tell me, Suisan. I've always wondered. What sorts of exercises do you need to do to, um, you know?

Well, at least I didn't mention autoerotic asphyxiation in the comments, or yellow showers.


Suisan said...

Ha Ha...

And it's especially fortunate that I've never mentioned that as a Young Virgin Schoolgirl that I handled Stallions with Big Cocks who Masturbated all the time.

Because I wouldn't want to attract "that element" here...

Doug Hoffman said...

Um, how do stallions masturbate? Or were we talking metaphorical stallions (viz., a young Sylvester Stallone, AKA the Italian Stallion) or literal stallions?

Whatever you do, don't mention anal bleaching over here. That really brings the creeps out of the woodwork.

Your bid over at my place.

Suisan said...

Nope, buddy.

Literal stallions.

You need me to paint you a picture? I did, or at least sketched a watercolor, on your blog.

And I'm sure Sylvester goes at it form time to time, but it's not a mental image I want to encourage.

I have very sensitive readers over here, don't you know.

Douglas Hoffman said...

*rubbing hands together* Let's see how many of 'em come over to yell at me tomorrow BWAAHAHAHAHA!

Suisan said...

Everyone-----(all three of you)---Go Yell At Doug!!!!

He'll just lie there like a furry puppy wriggling with glee. Y'all seem to like a good grovel scene--go yell at Doug.

After all, you are *supposed* to find Suisan on Google by searching for "Witty Zorro Fan Who Writes Moving Essays."

Yep. Yeh are.

Suisan said...

Damn! It just happened AGAIN!

This time someone in Germany....

But we're not getting any hits on any of Doug's other little jewels.