Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Books Today

Apparently resisting the urge to eat all of your children's chocolate does weird things, like increase your TBR pile. I'm something of a monochromatic buyer--once the pocketbook is open I tend to buy in themes. Witness:

Lord Stanhope's Proposal by Jessica Benson

The Last Knight by Candice Proctor

The Wagering Widow by Diane Gaston

The Improper Wife by Diane Perkins

The Marriage Bargain by Diane Perkins


Megan Frampton said...

I am finishing my first Candice Proctor now (whispers of heaven). I like it.

Jane said...

Diane Perkins. Hmm. Heard of her before but haven't ever read anything by her. Love Candace Proctor.

Kristie (J) said...

Now if I'm not mistaked, didn't you kind of boast of no TBR pile while the rest of us dreamed longingly of that day?
Aha! we are contagious!

Suisan said...

You want to know why I don't have a TBR pile? Because I'm totally obssessed by whatever book comes in the house.

Got the package last night, read last night, started at 4 am and have now completed Lord Stanhope's Proposal (funny) and The Last Knight (painfully Romantic--a good medieval tone). I'm sure once the kids are in bed I'll manage to cram another one partly down.

It's as close as I get to competetive eating....