Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Evening Post

In the backyard there's an almost eight year old boy who has hit all of his lightweight plastic baseballs over the fence. Being a resourceful child, he finds a rock of about the same size as his baseballs.

Rock, meet sliding patio door.

Did you know that tempered glass continues to crack for more than an hour after the initial impact? Sounds somewhat like spring rain hitting pavement in our family room.

And this had to happen on a Saturday night, of course.


Da-YUM. Today I got four hits out of, like, twenty, from people searching for a sexual term which Doug was so gracious to put in my comments a few weeks back. One Fifth of my hits? Good thing I have so much arcane knowledge to share with you about horses. And Romance. And childrearing.


CW said...

The postscript, she cracks me up. :P

CindyS said...

First, thank God it was tempered glass and Two - what is it about boys that most have broken a window or two in their youth?

Now, must hunt up sex term.


CindyS said...

OMG!! I googled it and found a diagram on Wiki - that's so not possible!! My eyes!!


Suisan said...

CW: ;)

Cindy: Poor kid, he was so upset. One of the first things I said (of course just after, "Haven't we told you over and over not to throw rocks?") was, "In every boy's life there's one broken window. Congratulations. You have yours." Interesting logic he used--tried to point out that he didn't _throw_ the rock, just hit it with a basball bat. O-Kaaaay.

And the wiki diagram? Yeah. Hurts my eyes too.

Megan Frampton said...

Broken glass! Auto-c! Medieval dudes! Your site is way more exciting than mine, Suisan. Good luck with the window and everything else. It's shining sun-like here now, thank goodness.

Doug Hoffman said...

I wonder if Wiki has a diagram for autofellatio, too.


You're going to bar me from your site, aren't you?

Suisan said...

No, Doug. Stick around and make trouble.

I'm not a blogwhore like you are, but the extra hits are fun. ANd you still make me laugh.

Jay said...

I got waylaid looking for info on how a stallion masturbates. I can only imagine what the wiki diagram looks like, but since I'm at work and would like to keep my job, I'm going to pass on that :)

Suisan said...

OK, here's the description I left on Doug's blog, oh so many moons ago.

Surely This Qualifies as Too Much Information

Jay said...

Hmm front legs moving - prancing, front legs still - spanking the monkey you say? I shall have to check out some of the fancy foot movements of the horses I pass in Times Square - I suspect I might have seen this before. I'll be sure to report back on my findings.

Suisan said...

Emmm, except you're very unlikely to run across a stallion in Times Square. Like, as in, it won't happen.

And geldings don't eh, spank the monkey in general.

But it's good to be observant at all times-never know what you might see. (If you absolutely insist on beinga voyeur, you could try heading to your county fair this summer and hanging out in the barns for a while. Look for a bored stud.)

Anonymous said...

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