Sunday, April 02, 2006

Waking up after the time shfit

My son runs up to my bedroom, where I am still clouded in comforters with the shades drawn, pretending I can sleep forever, and he says, "Mom! Come downstairs! I need help!"


"A bird fell down our chimney and's flying around the kitchen trying to get out!"

"Well, then. I suppose that means I should get up."

Couldn't find it at first, since it had given up battering itself against the window. We found it on the windowsill, panting. It was a small black bird with tiny grey flecks over the back of the head, with a narrow yellow bill and red legs.

It flew away after a few minutes of recovery in the potted plant outside the kitchen window. Wonder what it's blogging about today.


Bev (BB) said...

Well, comfort yourself that it wasn't a snake. My daughter had a snake try to climb in her bedroom window last year. It was a little snake but still. It had us in an uproar.

Suisan said...

Had a math teacher whose cat used to bring him little furry offerings every few mornings. A snake, a bird, etc.

One day the math teacher's late to class. Comes in huffing and puffing. "This morning, she brought me another cat! They chased each other around the house and I couldn't get to school!"

So yeah, I can do without the extra live animals in the house, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was in the bathroom at the time it happened, so I didn't see it. It was odd to find a crow/blackbird/mutt bird on our window.

Suisan said...

Hey Kid,


ahem, back to your regularly scheduled program....


Loving mother of Anonymous

CindyS said...

SCREEEEECH!!! Please tell me your kids don't read your blog! My language is atrocious - Bad Cindy!

I had a bird fall into our chimney and I completely panicked. Called Bob and told him I didn't know how to get him out and I could hear him flapping and peeping and I was near tears. Now, forgeting we have a gas fireplace I'm looking under it trying to see if I can find the bird. Turns out the bird got out because it just fell on top of the gas fireplace. Amazing how my brain doesn't engage when I'm upset.


Suisan said...

No, Cindy.

I'd say in general she doesn't read it. But she saw me typing this and entered a comment. She was VERY proud of herself. So I told her she got a response on the comment she left.

She was a little put out that she was in the bathroom during most of the excitement.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindys:

What do you think I do with my time? Do something NORMAL?!? Oh, and so Mom doesn't hove to answer the immeadiate question, I also read Trashy Romance Novels. Much to discomfort of Loving Father Of Anonymous.