Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Week in Review

Sometimes when I'm trying to get everyone out of a grocery store I'll look around for my kids, and not being able to remember their individual names (How does Michelle Duggar do it?), I'll refer to them as Thing One, Thing Two, and Thing Three. Apparently this is just cute enough that they don't take offence. Thank God. (I know that I had a hand in naming them, and I LIKE their names, I just can't seem to put the right name to the right kid in times of stress.)

So here's a week in review involving the trials and tribulations of my Things.

Last Wednesday, Thing Three was sick. Head cold and sore throat. Stomach cramps in the night. Thursday Thing Two started getting ill and by Friday he stayed home from school. Over the weekend I contracted the sharpest headache I've had in recent years and a sore throat. But it went away. Yay.

Sunday night, Thing Two started vomiting and stayed that way through Monday night. Thing One had the sore throat and the headache on Monday, so I let her stay home. Tuesday, when I went to wake her up it was clear she was still sick, so she stayed home Tuesday with Thing Two, who by this time had given up on vomiting and had moved on to diarrhea.

Today it seemed as if everyone was pretty kinda sorta OK. Thing One went to Middle School where she discovered absences in every class. Thing Three went to Kindergarten. Thing Two and I went to the doctor's for a routine medical appointment. With very little warning he threw up in the parking garage.

We got to the appointment on time, but then we had to wait one half hour to hand our insurance card through the little window and pay the co-pay. Then there was another one hour wait in the waiting room. They tried to tell me that I had been late. Ha! Driving home from the Doctor's office (who confirmed that he was not dehydrated. Yet.) the school called to tell me that Thing Three needed to be picked up early from Kindergarten as she was feverish and ashen.

At this point, I can't really keep straight who's healthy and who isn't. Forget about the names: it's hopeless. There's one set of bedsheets which has been washed five times in seven days, and if I have to watch another episode of Spongebob with a feverish head in my lap I may pluck my eyeballs out.

I think Thing One is healthy. I think.

In Other News, I've been reading Demon Angel. I would have read it earlier, but Thing One swiped it. Kept torturing me with, "It's really GOOD, Mom." I'm maybe halfway in, or just past halfway. Good Grief this woman can write. What a tremendous book! Wow.

Not at all related, but the book cheers me up and so does this picture, so I'm sticking The Look here to make me feel all better. Funny how those Romance heroes don't spend a whole lot of time vomiting, you know?

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CindyS said...

I would throw all the Things in one room with an ensuite bath, TV and enough pillows for all the heads. Then close and lock the door ;)

Being the anal person I am, I would so pull them from school until next week only because I hate germs. Hopefully they are all on the mend!