Monday, January 29, 2007


How many times does one kids have to vomit before we cross the line into genuine concern? My son hasn't been able to keep anything down since dinner last night.

Toddling off to call the advice nurse...


Bookwormom said...

If he's not holding water down & if anti nausea suppositories aren't working & it's been several hours take him to the corner doc in a box as soon as you call the advice nurse. They should be able to give you stronger meds to help him hold down water at least.

Vomiting is tough. Daughter had this problem on a chronic basis as a young child. It's hard. And smelly.

Best wishes for speedy recovery soonest

CindyS said...

I hope he is feeling better - as a child I could be throwing up for over 8 - 12 hours but never more than that. Poor guy.


Jenster said...

I agree with Amanda. A little throwing up is one thing, but kids get dehydrated so quickly and that's baaaaaaad.

Hope he's feeling better very, very soon!