Saturday, January 20, 2007

Perhaps it's in the freezer?

Pre-Ordered Demon Angel.
Did not receive Demon Angel.
Complained to Amazon about Demon Angel.
Ordered, once again, Demon Angel.
Received confirmation that they had shipped Demon Angel.
Found on my doorstep a box containing Demon Angel.
Blogged that I was anxious to read Demon Angel.
One morning while making toast for the children, skimmed with great interest Demon Angel.
Two days ago could not find Demon Angel.
Today, again, cannot find Demon Angel.
Have searched high and low for Demon Angel.
Believe that Demons have for their own purposes run off with my copy of Demon Angel.

Am not happy that I have to just wait around until it shows up.

My mother left me a copy of Hugh Laurie's book, The Gun Seller. Tempting, but no. I've got that blasted laundry to fold.


CindyS said...

Huh, sounds familiar except for that laundry thing ;)


Bev (BB) said...

I'd be worried about the toaster. ;) (Or checking the drawers and cabinets nearby.)

Megan Frampton said...

The Gun Seller is good, my husband told me. Plus Hugh Laurie is the whole package: Foxy, smart, thin, not likely to get all weird later on (he's already weird).

But DA is awesome, so far. Not even up to p. 100, and it;s great. Love that Meljean.

Suisan said...

Found Demon Angel.


Still have to complete the laundry.

One day I will write a screed on how much I hate laundry, how much I have to do laundry, and how much I stab myself in the foot with laundry because I'm never satisfied with the way I do it and therefore never want to do it and therefore let it pile up until I hate doing it and therefore give myself the opportunity to kick myself over and over that I am not doing the laundry in the way I want to be doing the laundry, which I could do if I would just do the laundry.

Now. Where's my book?

Kate R said...

I want to read both of those books.

Laundry is for the birds. It's as bad as dishes to give one the sensation of OMigoodGAWD all I ever do is wash the same [cracked plates/dingy underwear] over and over. Scoot over, Sisyphus. I'd rather take a crack at pushing the rock. At least I'd get some muscles.

Um. I think I'm going to go drink some wine now.

Megan Frampton said...

You think YOU have it bad?!? I don't have a washer-dryer in my fourth-floor walk-up apartment. I take my laundry outside once a week to the laundromat, a miserable place that costs too much money and makes me crazy. I love laundry otherwise.

Suisan said...

I dislike laundromats, there's No Doubt. Especially in bad weather. Especially when you're toting an incredibly bored pre-schooler. (Maybe this is where my eldest daughter cultivated her sarcastic side: while being bored out of her mind.

On the other hand, the trekking and the schlepping makes you carve out a day for it. And while the things are tumbling, sometimes there's time for either knitting or reading.

I've got these great machines in the house and the laundry just oozes into every minute of my day like a sludge of guilt coating eveything with entangling snares.

It's all in my head, but somehow that makes it all worse.