Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Frigid days

It's not terrifically cold, but there's definitely been frost on the ground. A few weeks ago, a section of fence fell over; all that remains are the new fence post holes. Someday the contractor will come back to put up a new fence.

This morning, down at the bottom of a dark, steep-sided fence post hole, my son found a very cold California Fence Lizard.

Saul put him in the deli cup the snake came in and brought him inside to warm up. After much consultation, we decided the best method was to let the lizard bask on a warm water bottle. Hence, the photo now known as "Lizard for Lunch."

His belly's kind of neat:

Saul was sad to see him go, but then the lizard clambered out of his cup unexpectedly and scrambled across the floor. After stuffing his heart back down this throat and taking a few deep breaths, Saul said, "He moves weird. Let's get him back outside in the sun."

So we did.


CindyS said...

Creeee-peee! You are a great mom because I would have been running full tilt back to the house ;)


Suisan said...

I dunno.

He just looked so miserable at the bottom of that dark hole. He was never going to be able to get out.

I think the lizard's name should be "Lucky." He had dropped his tail some time ago, which is why it looks so stubby, and the claws on one of this front feet were missing. And then he fell into a 2 foot hole. Poor thing.

It was funny though--Saul was in process of trying to convince me to please oh please oh please can we keep him, when the lizard scuttled across the floor. Nope. End of disucssion. Let's get him outside NOW!

sxKitten said...

I would have voted to keep him, but I think Dean would have a different opinion. In my childhood home, Lucky would have been on Easy Street for the rest of his life. My folks were OK with anything, as long as it had legs.