Monday, January 16, 2006

The Secret History of the Cover Model

I was reading p.devi's blog and became interested in The Secret History of the Pink Carnation and The Masque of the Black Tulip. Have I ever mentioned before that I am not only a Zorro fan but also a Sir Percy fangirl? Have I? Cause I should have. "Odd's Fish!"

So I went looking for publishing dates, etc. and found two covers.

American Version in color, Australian Version in tinted black and white

Whoa! Doesn't the chick on the Australian version remind you of some Billie Holliday wanna be with her bright pink gardenia in her hair? Spaghetti Straps? That necklace? I see 1950's written all over that image, not Regency.

But then I keep saying that I'm not a stickler for historical details.


P.Devi said...

I read THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL at an impressionable 11 years of age and join you in being a fangirl. Have seen two movie versions and Broadway show as well. Have not, however, read either Willig book despite buying both in hardcover. They sound like so much fun!

I wonder if the book designer for the Australian version was hoping readers connected to the black and white movie rather than the book?

CindyS said...

Not knowing anything about either book I can say I absolutely love the back and white cover. I only wish I could look that good.

I don't like the painting look of the other.

I'd actually have to know history to be a stickler for details. Funny, I'm not sure how I could have graduated from university with an Honours Degree in History but, I did. ::shrug::