Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh, my very messy house

Ugh. My house.

It's as if someone just opened all the drawers and closets in the house, picked it up, and gave it a good shake. When you find a t-shirt tucked behind the sofa cushions, it's time to reconsider your daily tidying habits. I'm overwhelmed to the point where I kind of wander aimlessly through the chaos not quite sure where to begin.

I have a Very Good Friend in town, and we were comisserating about our lack of housekeeping skills yesterday. I commented that I'm so much better at cleaning up her house than I am mine. She came up with a wonderful plan.

Today she comes to my house for two hours to help me clean my house. Tomorrow I go to her house to help her clean for two hours. (We have breaks planned, but if we get on a roll, then so much the better.)

What a relief.


Megan Frampton said...

That is an awesome idea! My MIL comes to town every so often, and we clean together. Somehow it's always so much more beautiful than when I try it on my own (my MIL is the Cleanest Woman in the World, btw, although she doesn't say anything to me about how messy I am. She's scared of me, I think.)

Good luck!

Marianne McA said...

Always more interesting to tidy someone else's house - I positively enjoy clearing my sister's stuff.
I'm hugely untidy (and so's my dh, though because his dad made him keep tidy when he was young, he believes - against all the evidence - that he is a tidy person.)
Since the children were small, I've had a cleaning lady for two hours a week, which my dh hates - I think he's genuinely appalled on some level that a woman could be so unhouseproud as to need help. My mum has always had a cleaning lady, so for me, it's normal.
Anyway, it's not so much the cleaning she does, as that once a week I have to have everything in the house completely tidy so she can work through, which forces me to be a good deal more orderly than I naturally am. My dh understands this not at all - if he finds anything more baffling than my employing a cleaning lady, it's the fact that I seem to clean everything before she comes.

CindyS said...

There are some people who would be appalled to have someone help them clean.

Me? I find that if I go to my friend's house and clean, I feel like I have accomplished something because I am only focused on the one thing.

When you clean your own house, you know what has to be done and even cleaning one room doesn't seem like such an achievement.

I wish my friend and I helped each other more often but with kids and husbands there to mess up schedules it gets tough.

Course, I know I am luckier than most. Bob will tidy up which makes disinfecting surfaces so much easier. AND he's still into doing laundry. Folding it and putting it away not so much but, there are clean clothes all over the place!


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