Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Contemporary romance

For a TBR challenge I'm supposed to read a contemporary romance--not a paranormal, not a thriller. Read it, then write about it.

But the hardest part so far is finding one.

I'm not good at finding a book which isn't a series (my own addition to the restrictions? Now I can't remember...), isn't chick lit, and is one I actually want to read.

Have I mentioned that I HATE contemporaries? Loathe, despise, etc.?

(Yeah, OK, I read Black Ice, and I loved it. But I only did so after pumping myself up by saying, "Cindy likes it. Megan likes it. They all seem to like it. Try it! You'll like it!" End of detour.)

This week I've been to the grocery store aisle three time--bought two books which I am so uninterested in I can't crack the cover let alone go find the titles as they lurk somewhere in the Living Room. I went to Walmart and my eyes glazed over at the book selection--never bought any because it was like stepping into some psychodelic trance--all hazy and loopy and I lost all sense of time.

I ordered, at random, a romance from PaperbackSwap which seemed like a general contemporary, but, bless her heart, the owner of the book hasn't yet mailed it to me.

I may get this TBR challenge done by the end of January. Or I may simply hold my breath until I turn blue and faint. That'll teach ya to set rules on Suisan's reading habits!! Challenge? Humph!

Have I ever told you guys about the time I was 4 and my parents took me ice skating on a frozen pond? I told my Dad fairly calmly that I wasn't going to skate. He insisted that I skate. So I (famously) said, "Fine. I'll just whine and whine until you take me off the ice."

Somehow that relates.


Angela James said...

umm...lmao, you don't HAVE to participate in this months TBR challenge. lol. And if you want, you can always substitute a book that's on your TBR pile or TBR list. Geez, this isn't supposed to be painful. This post made me laugh!

P.Devi said...

Hey, have you ever tried Theresa Weir? Maybe another Susan Elizabeth Phillips?

Anonymous said...

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