Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Found another TV show to get addicted to. Oh my.

Watched "House" on Fox last night.

Ooooo. I like.

Something great about the annoying genius, the one who sees every anomaly as a symptom of some greater illness/flaw. (CSI anyone?)

Hugh Laurie unshaven sporting an American accent? Yep. That works too.

(Although I just saw Fantastic Four on DVD. Ioan Gruffudd really needs to keep the Welsh tremble in his voice. American accent? P-tooey.)


Megan Frampton said...

I am a House fan, too. Hugh Laurie is awesome, and the writing is fun, too. That and Deadwood are it for me in terms of my TV-viewing. I don't have time to get stuck on another show, but I do love House.

Jay said...

I love House too. I only recently remembered to Tivo it. I love that it comes on 3 times a week though.

P.Devi said...

I've heard such good things about House, but I watch less TV than ever these days. It's the price one pays for taking up blogging on top of all the other useless Web surfing.

Nicole said...

House is addicting. I just started watching this season. And even better? USA has started running the first season on Friday nights!

FerfeLaBat said...

I HATE ... HATE HATE HATE TV. But I am addicted to House. I also hate medical dramas and mysteries and CSI, 24, et al. So. Clearly there is something wrong with me but I KNOW when it's on and I can't help myself.

Suisan said...

Ferfe!! Welcome!

Getting all fangirly that people who have blogs I read are comng on over to read, no, COMMENT, on mine!

Tee Hee

Anonymous said...

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