Thursday, January 26, 2006

Checking in

Quick update.

Just got my car back from the shop. $500 for a 60K mile checkup. OUCH! (Had some fluid flushes added on and then they found carbon deposits in the fuel induction system.) So did not need that. Also, after a rain, the driver-side sliding door (minivan--I live in the suburbs, remember?) refuses to open unless you have climbed inside the car from another entrance and applied a swift hard kick to the interior of the door. This cannot be a safe thing, I'm sure.

But on the other hand, I can't get it to do it at the dealership. Yesterday, it did, and they found a repair memo on it. I can get it fixed for an additional $350. {Insert whining noise of your choice here.}

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day sorting papers to prepare for a budget workshop tonight. Ended up with a plastic tote bin filled with bound reports and hanging files and five shopping bags of extra papers to be recycled or shredded.

I'm feeling very much like some sort of junior lawyer on a kick-that-giant-corporation-to-the-curb-type of TV trial, where she appears in court dressed in her steel grey suit and starts piling box after box of documents on the counsel table.

I really need to bring these documents to the workshop. But schlepping this tote bin (which by the way, is HEAVY) seems to present some sort of message I'm not totally at ease with. "Look out, world! I have documents at my disposal and I'm not afraid to use them!"


Megan Frampton said...'d it go? I cannot believe you willingly take on organizational stuff. So not me.

Suisan said...

Well, organizational stuff--let's just reflect on the fact that I have dumped stacks of confidential information in various corners of my house since April 6, 2005 (date of first agenda I could find) before sitting down to organize it into one tote. So maybe the word "willingly" is a bit of a stretch.

How did it go? It went well. The room was very tense and various parties tried to throw digs and barbs whenever they had the chance. But between the board president and me, we managed to get the workshop to a respectful tone by the end.

And now that I have the tote, I think I'm bringing it to every board meeting. One, so I can prop my feet on it, and two, so I can *feel* much more prepared than I actually am. Confidence is key.