Monday, January 23, 2006

My house doesn't like to be vacuumed

Against all odds, and against the wails of protest from my house, my friend and I managed to clean it Saturday (at least the first floor).

Apparently my house doesn't enjoy being cleaned, because when vacuuming the living room, unless you have the lights turned on just so, the breaker flips. (Yeah, I have to have an electrician in to look at that, because that doesn't seem safe. The house doesn't like to have the cooktop on in the kitchen and the living room being vacuumed at the same time, and that REALLY doesn't seem right.)

My friend even took the time to take down my (ahem) Christmas tree which was still gracing us with its presence. (Presents?) Nipped every branch off and stuffed them into garbage bags, and dragged the sorry mess out of the house.

I discover this morning though that when I flipped the breaker back on during the vacuuming exercises, I must have flipped the office breaker too. My computer lost all its cookies. Arggghhhhh! (Well, small miracles do happen, I didn't lose the computer.)

And on the subject of miracles, my Very Good Friend sent me this to consider as I continue on in my role as politician-wife. Who knew I could be blaspheming too? I love that it comes from a website called "Blessed Quietness." (Lunatic Shrieking?)

Why Women can't be Preachers

Ladies on governing boards of local churches, holding denominational office, and sitting on mission boards--
Women who rule on such boards are spiritual tug boat pilots. They may not overtly perform lesbian acts, but spiritually, they are lesbians at heart. They are women who are not satisfied with their role as a woman, and they accept and campaign for power with Christian good old boys. The men who let them join the board are weak and show that they need mothering and don't truly trust the heavenly Father alone to guide them.

Oh, so THAT's why I sit on a School Board! Let the games begin! Dominatrix lesbianism? Yeah, Baby.

Thank God I have a budget workshop on Thursday. I'm getting all hot just thinking about it.


CW said...

How sad is it that when I read "My computer lost all its cookies", I thought it threw up or something? Heh.

As for housecleaning...blech. I want a Roomba. :)

Marianne McA said...

Isn't the internet fabulous? I'm now happily awaiting Hilary's inevitable assassination of Bill.
(And I don't know that your new career as a domanatrix lesbian will give you much joy, given how he's established you hate sex.)

CindyS said...

Seriously, I wasn't going to comment because the evil that would spout from my fingers would curl hair I tell you.

I was watching a 48 hours program on women in religion and half way through I'm yelling over to Bob 'men suck!!' and he's all 'what did I do?'. The good news is apparently we are scarier than the devil. Too bad the men find ways for us to be stoned to death. Fuckers.

Ooops, sorry. Heaven forbid I have an idea in my brain. Heaven help these idiots if they ever invent the time machine!!!

CindyS (really, I wasn't going to comment but, ugh!!)

Anonymous said...

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